chapter 1

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My mum yell for the third time i come outside running with my 5inche hill on my hands.
'ant dayma muta'akhir(you are always late)i pouted mum you just seems to beat the time always am just 3 minutes late his flight will be landing in another 30minutes,she started rambling about orderliness and tardiness i roll my eyes and collected the key from her hands and rush to the driver seat I buckle my seat belt and turn to look at my mum,
   Is that another way to punish me owners corner right she just ignore me and continue typing whatever she is doing with her phone typically mum i smile and start the car and zoom out of the house.
  The drive to airport took me just 20 minutes because seriously am a wild driver I parked and hurry out and open my mum's door she smile and kiss my cheek,barak allah fik(god bless you) I reply thanks you and smile at her there is still time before the plane arrive let's find you somewhere to sit and we started walking around to find a place.
    It's almost almost 30minutes I have been searching for zain among this crowds but I can't see him someone drag my veil and I turn to see him smiling like a gigantic fool ofcrse that's what he is he give me a tight hug and kiss my forehead.
'ayn alwalida(where is mum)
hi fi aintizar alsayara(she is in the car waiting)he give me his stupid smile and then hold my hand,where are your loads or is this the only shit you carry all the way to Nigeria remember this is your new home,he roll his eyes come on let's go find the baggages I laugh and follow his back zain will never change atleast the house will be a little lively.
      Dropping the last bag on the floor of his flat i head inside the house i can hear zain and mum laughing right from the door i open and enter the parlour i sit on one of the cushion and look at them mum 'limadha 'ant tuhadiq bi(why are you all staring at me)zain started laughing and my mum join I hiss and leave the parlour and head to my room that's how crazy they are sometimes i wonder how on earth zain gets this his petulant behavior I lye on my bed it's been two weeks since we move to Nigeria (Niger state) and I haven't for once go out i don't know anybody here maybe now that zain is home we can go out sometimes i missed Cairo but I think here is going to be a new life,new friends,new everything i missed sobia soo much she is my only friend we have been friends since kindergarten she is marrying in the next 2 months i pray my dad allow me to go alone he is extremely overprotective it freaks me out all the time  i hope he also changed his mind and allow me to go to the university,
       alright get this straight I have an elder brother Arshan then me and zain yeah we are twins he is the senior which means am the last Arshan is a military officer he is working with Dubai whatever I don't know then zain he is going to the university now and me am staying home yeah that's my dad's family tradition you have to marry before going to the university that's how it has been and ofcrse it wunt change because of me and again girls are not allow to fall in love because it's gonna be a shit heartbreak because your dad is the one to select your husband thanks goodness I move here maybe everything will be better the idea of dating a Nigerian guy makes me want to freak out zain has a bundle of them back in Cairo they seems to be lousy,funny,noise makers and ofcrse seems to talk about nothing but girls but honestly i love their looks there bronze skin and lips I used to have crush on one of zain friends zayyad anyway am in Nigeria now am gonna see a bundle of new faces everyday well but  "there heart please don't fall for anyone before we end up bleeding to death"sometimes i wonder wen will my dad's brain be out of this primitive and stupid family believes and tradition well let me spent this week happy before he is back to this country.
     Waking up i roll only to hit what seems like coconut I open my eyes to see zain lying in what seems like amoeba shape sleeping i hiss and head to the bathroom releasing my full bladder,taking a shower and dress  coming out from the bathroom zain was making a call which seems is with my dad so I sit after another 20 minutes he says his goodbye and drop his phone 'hadha alrajul sayakun mawti(this man will be the death of me) I smile and sit next to him what brought you to my room he roll his eyes can't i have the right to visit my baby sis I laugh ofcrse you do soo what did you bring for me he laugh what else is there anything you left over there so that I will tell Dad to bring it for you i laugh anyway when are you taking me out i have been indoor forever he smile well lemme go and shower and let the town know the twins has arrived I laugh yeah go dress up and let's go he laugh and head out of the room i go to my closet to find something to wear god I hate outings.......

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