Remember When?

Hands trembling I reach for the door pausing with my hands on the knob, “Now or never…” I sigh taking in a deep breath and plastering a smile on my face. I open the door slowly trying to look confident, he is here somewhere but this is a big place maybe we won’t- my thoughts get interrupted when I bump into someone. “I’m so sorry!”

“Watch where you are going!” We both say at the same time he turns around and what do you know it was him.

“Nick…” I whisper in a low voice, tears searing my throat.

“Victoria…” he looks incredibly surprised to see me here but I don’t blame him as wild as I was I couldn’t believe when the WWE approached me as well. His short brown hair was now long and greased back bleach blonde, his once soft humble eyes full of cockiness.

“I go by Vixy now, Vince’s idea…I’m going to be a Heel here apparently I’m going to be with someone named Dolph.” His eyes go big with surprise as his mouth opens and closes trying to form words, the Nick I remember was never at loss for words so something was up. “…You are Dolph aren’t you?” I ask almost afraid of his answer.

“Yeah…” my insides twist with pain as I remember our days on the independent circuit, the days of us trying to make it here and now that I’m here with him I wish I wasn’t…

“Great.” I say plainly rolling my eyes trying to hide how much I miss him, how much I still love him, how I still replay all our sweet moments together before going to sleep.

“Oh great you guys met!” I hear a deep voice I turn around and see Triple H approaching us with a big smile, “Dolph, you and Vixy are going to share a dressing room we have huge plans for you two so prepare to take over the WWE as one of the all-time greatest power couple.” He says excited I take in a sharp breath, this was our dream back in the day but I doubt he remembers that.

“Awesome.” We both say no excitement in either’s words, sensing the awkwardness Triple H stares at us oddly.

“Do you guys know each other?” he asks lifting a brow in our direction,

“Yeah, we were friends in the independent circuit for some time.” Nick says, I glare at him friends? We were friends, he has to be joking we were desperately in love we talked about marriage being together forever, a family! I’ve mentally killed him at least 20 times before I realize Triple H left and it was just Nick and I standing there in awkward silence.

“So…” I say plainly,

“Let me show you the dressing room, this is going to piss Vickie off for sure.” He sighs running his hand through his hair, I blink plainly at him. “Vickie? You know EXCUSE ME!”

“Excuse you for what?” I ask completely confused,

“Are you serious, have you not been watching the show?” he asks, my insides tighten again and I feel the need to puke but I hold it back.

“No, I have a life Nick!”

“Well you’ll see.” He says in a monotone voice leading the way, truth was I couldn’t watch it anymore cause I would see him living out our dream without me and it killed me…

“Finally, where have you been?” I hear a loud screechy voice exclaim when Nick opens the door, I put my hands over my ears quickly. “Who is that?” I hear through my hands not quite as painful but that’s not saying much.

“Vickie, this is Vixy…haha your guys’ names rhyme.” He smiles widely like a nerd and finally since I’ve seen him all day he truly looks like the real Nick for the first time. Her glare gets harder at Nick at his cheesy laugh, “She is going to be my girlfriend in a storyline.” He says in a more serious voice turning back to the guy I didn’t know he adds “lucky you.” with a wink in my direction.

“Oh hell no, what about me?” She screeches throwing her hands in the air, I was so confused at this point.

“So, serious question here are you like his mom in a storyline or something?” Her jaw tightens before she lets out a loud yell throwing her arms all over the place and stomping her feet, she pushes me out of the way and storms out the door. “Was it something I said?” I ask wide eyed, Nick cracks up holding his side.

“Vickie is my manager slash girlfriend type thing…” he trails off like he was slightly embarrassed, I laugh loudly.

“Oh gosh well you just took a huge step up!” I smirk cocky as I gesture to my body posing sexy then laughing, he smiles for a split second but frowns again.

“Imma find Nikki,” He starts to walk off but pauses at the door, “That’s my REAL girlfriend.” He adds, the words sting like a snake bite to the heart before he walks off and I stand there dumbfound at how much pain he is already causing me.

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