Chapter Twenty Nine

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"Brianna, wake up!" I heard a voice saying. I opened my eyes and found Derek. We were all sleeping in the hospital room after I had begged Malik for hours.

"I want to sleep," I said but he didn't seem to care as he tried again. I glared at him but woke up.

"What's wrong?" I asked rubbing my eyes. He smiled and said, "I want to go on a walk and I want you there with me. I want to talk to you Brianna, as a brother."

"Not now, please!" I said but he didn't seem to care as he repeated the question.

"Okay, fine!" I said and stood up. I wore my shoes and kissed Malik's cheeks. I couldn't resist. I smiled and looked at my brother and we started walking out of the room.

"So how has it been?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked back waiting for a clarification.

"How has it been? Your relationship with Malik, I mean," he said and I smiled and nodded.

"It has been great. I love him with all my heart. I really missed him over those years," I said and he smiled at me and said, "Yeah! What did you do in those years?"

"Nothing exciting! I don't know if they should even be counted in my years of life. They were so meaningless without Malik around. I really wish you found the one you would love with all your heart, brother! Just then you will know what is the meaning of everything," I said and he smiled at me and said, "I did."

"What?" I asked and he smiled and nodded.

"She is really pretty. Her hair is blonde and flawless and her eyes are blue. They look exactly like the see. Whenever I look in her eyes I feel warm," he said and to be honest I was surprised. He mentioned nothing about being in love.

"She makes me crazy by only saying my name," he said and I was actually surprised to death. He was so deep. I smiled as I enjoyed heading him talk about her.

"I would like to meet her," I said and he looked at me with a sad smile but then nodded and smiled happily again, "You will, don't worry!"

We continued walking in scilience. I was happy and actually calm and not stressed at all. I loved how this was going. I smiled as he looked at me and then said, "Let's go and have ice-cream!"

I smiled and nodded. He walked to his car and I followed totally guardless. I had all my guards down as I was with my beloved brother. I smiled and sat down only to welcome the darkness. A strange cloth was put on my mouth and a stranger's face appeared. It had blue eyes and that was all I managed to recognize as I took a deep breath and the whole world went spinning.


Third person point of view:

As if on instinct, Malik's heart started beating fast as it started getting colder. He pulled the covers on him trying to get as warm as possible knowing nothing about the fact that it wasn't his body feeling cold. It was his soul getting colder all over again with the loss of his Aubrianna.


Aubrianna's point of view:

"Aubrianna Mason, the new princess and the owner of Malik's heart," a voice said and a blonde haired girl appeared. She had blue eyes and a tall figure. Her skin was quite pale and she was gorgeous to say the least.

"What do you want from me?" I asked her from my spot. I was chained to a wall. There was no way for me to touch the ground like that. My body was chained and I had a few cuts on me.

"The password of your bank account and for you to sign some papers, no more no less. Easy, right?" she said sarcasticly.

"No!" I said from what I got to understand my bank account had some kind of secret that I should keep for my father's sake. I was scared but I wouldn't disappoint my father.

"No? We will see about that, princess," she saidohdamn and behind her stood a figure. I closed my eyes and opened them again and saw none other than my brother, Derek. My mind went blank as I was scared, quite scared and broken. My brother brought me here?

I couldn't practically hear my heart shuttering and I almost passed out. I was quite sentimental and I knew it. She smirked at me and then said, "Is the little princess heart broken? Don't worry, sweetie! That wouldn't last, just give me what I want and you will be too dead to care."

She smirked and I saw my brother smirking. I shook my head in a no as I refused to say. I wouldn't be that weak. I had to fight for dad and Malik. They both loved me deeply. At least, that was what I wished. After seeing Derek like that, I no longer knew if they did.

"Who are you?" I asked with a sore throat.

"Alex, your new nightmare," she said and left laughing.

Derek stood there with a smirk and then said, "She is cool, isn't she? I told you, you will meet her soon. Good luck, sweetie!"

With that said, he left me there alone. I started crying hard. I could take no more. My eyes gave up on me and tears left like waterfalls. The only person on my mind was Malik, what was he doing now? Was he looking for me? Or was he sucking that nurse's face?

Third person point of view:

"You have to go to Malik now. He can't notice that you weren't there in order to stay on his good side. He is smart and he will put the pieces together," Alex said looking at Derek. He smirked and said, "Okay! I will go now!"

"Take care!" she said and pressed her lips to his. He smirked and kissed her back warping his arms around her waist.

"Good bye!" she said as soon as she let go. He smiled and then left to his father and his sister's boyfriend. He started thinking about what to say. He already planned to break the news for him and he planned to shed some tears for his sake.

'You are in for it, Malik,' he thought.

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