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Characters:Harry,Niall,Louis,Liam, Zayn, and Mike

Setting: Car/Radio Station

Authors Notes: THIS STORY IS COMPLETLEY MADE UP! THE ONLY PART REAL EVENT IN HERE IS THE LEEDS FESTIVAL! So please enjoy but know none if it is real! Except for Larry Love cuz we all know that real J

Louis’ Point of View:

Harry sat next to me in the car and didn’t say a word. He was looking down at the floor of the car, fiddling with his fingers, and once again acting strange around me. I took out my phone and texted Harry saying, “Harry are you okay? You seem a bit sad or upset. Are you mad at me?” About 30 seconds later my phone buzzed and Harry texted me back saying, “Lou I told you I’m fine” I didn’t believe him though. Harry wasn’t acting like himself and I needed to find out why.

Harry’s Point of View:

We all unloaded out of the car and Lou put his arm around me as we walked into the radio station. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. It was like him touching me was like the best feeling ever. I tried to ignore the voice in my head saying, “KISS HIM!” He smiled at me with the sweetest smile and I smiled back but I wanted to do more than smile at him.

          When we entered the room where we were being interviewed, I saw one big couch. The radio interviewer Mike said, “Hello guys! Welcome! Just sit here on this couch and we will begin the interview in a minute.” I began to sit down and Louis sat next to me. As he sat down he smiled at me again and I felt an ache in my stomach. Oh my god… why is he so good looking?! God why are you doing this to me?

          Mike then sat in front of us and said into a microphone, “Okay everybody its finally that time. Parents if you have teen daughters you might wanna cover your ears because there is going to be LOTS of screaming! Here they are… ONE DIRECTION! Hello boys how are you doing?”

“We are doing great, how are you?” Liam said, taking the role as Daddy.

Mike then said, “I’m doing good. So boys we have some questions for you. It hasn’t been that long since you were kicked of X factor and then Simon signed you guys! How did it feel to know One direction had not come to an end?”

“It was absolutely incredible. We had become best friends and we didn’t want to loose that bond.” Zayn said putting his arm around Liam and Niall. Perfect Louis then said, “Yeah it really was great. When you become so close to people it’s hard to let go of that.”

Mike smiled and then a subject came up that I was hoping we would not have to talk about: Larry Stylinson.

          Mike began talking and said, “So speaking of you boys being so close, you guys also have some bromances going on. Theres one BIG broance that everyone talks about, Larry Stylinson. Harry, Louis, what can you tell us about that?” Lou put him arm on my back and said, “We just are very close friends. But fans truly think we are dating. It’s very funny.” The whole time he was talking I couldn’t stop staring at those perfect lips. I just wanted to kiss him so badly. I almost leaned in for a kiss but stopped my self before I made it noticeable. I really didn’t say anything for the rest of the interview. But when it ended I was so happy.

          After the interview, I was about to go to the car with the rest of the boys but then Liam stopped me. He said, “Harry I need to talk to you.” he told the rest of the boys that we would be in the car in a minute. Liam pushed me to the side and said, “Harry, you could you make it anymore obvious?”

“What?” I said.

“You were staring at Louis the whole time. And you looked very uncomfortable. Is something going on between you and Lou?” Liam said.

I pretended not to know what he was talking about and said, “Liam I’m fine! This is the fifth time someone asked me that! IM FINE!”

“Harry you’re obviously not okay. What is going on?” Liam said. I just stared at Liam and didn’t know what to say. Do I tell him? What will he say if I do? I finally decided to tell him. I went up to Liam and said in a whisper, “Liam I have a problem. I cant stop staring at Louis and my heart skips a beat whenever he touches me or talks to me. I think I’m starting to have feeling for him.”

          Liam looked at me and said, “Really?” I quietly replied, “Yes! I keep getting lost in his eyes and I just wanna kiss him all the time. I don’t know what to do!” Liam grabbed my shoulders and said, “Harry! You need to talk to Louis about this!”

“Are you kidding me?! I can’t talk to him about this!” I said.

“Why not?” Liam asked.

“Because I don’t know how he will react.” I said. Liam stared at me for a while and finally said, “You won’t know until you talk to him.” Liam then walked to the car and I followed after him shortly.

A little while later, at the boys house…

Harry’s Point of View:

As soon as I walked into the house I headed straight for my room. I laid down on my bed and thought about my conversation with Liam. Should I tell Louis? What will he say when I do tell him? I wonder if he loves me too. After about a half an hour of thinking, I finally decided that in order to deal with these feelings, I needed to talk to Louis. I walked out my door and up to Louis’. I finally got up the courage to knock on the door and waited for Louis to answer.     

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