32. Two TableSpoons

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"What do you mean? There are five words here!"

He lifted his hand and buried it into his dark luscious hair and pulled it at the roots.

"I'm taking you to the Pack doctor now."

What was he talking about? I felt perfectly fine.

Why couldn't he see what I saw?

"You really can't see these words?" I asked him softly and he shook his head slowly. His eyes boring into me. Cyrus grabbed my palm, taking it in his and began leading me to the black car that awaited us. I remained silent and didn't argue, holding the cloth in my hands.

I took my seat and sat silently as Cyrus began driving away from the blood scene. I stared into the darkness, the only light came from the moon that seemed to warn me of something.

Something coming.

I looked over at Cyrus' who's shoulder was becoming more purple and green each minute.

"Cyrus you need to get that treated." I finally spoke and he shook his head.

"First, I've got to make sure that you're okay." He said, his eyes fixated on the road. I rolled my eyes and turned to the window and realised that we had passed the PackHouse. I sat up straight and watched as Cyrus drove faster into the woods. He took sharp turns, almost taking me out of my seat by the motion.

When the car finally came to a holt, we arrived in front of a two-story modern house hidden behind a couple trees.

Cyrus got out of the car and jogged over to my side, opening my door for me. I smiled and got out, in amazement at such a beautiful home.

"Is this the doctor's house?" I asked and he shook his head, walking me towards the front glass door.

"No, it's mine." He stated shortly and opened the door.

The house was new. Very new. It looked like it had been finished last week. It looked almost too new in some strange way. It was as if it had rolled off a production line, but they had forgotten to apply the mandatory layer of colour to it. The windows were huge and seemingly inspired by something truly alien. Anyone could see into the house from an uncomfortable distance.

From here, I could see surfaces of white, glossy plastic that iced over the kitchen, granite enforced the walls in their straight, uninspired monotony. There wasn't a single square meter of organic material in sight. Not even a comforting wallpaper that imitated warmth in some way. Not even a plank of wood. The house, it seems, was a livable, modern mausoleum

Cyrus pulled me towards his living room to expose two wolves sitting anxiously on the couch.

"Mrs Macy! Mr Macy! I'm so happy you guys are safe." I beamed walking towards them and wrapping my arms around Mrs Macy. She held me tightly and whispered something in my ear.

"Erant autem venio ad te"

I stood still in our embrace as she continued to speak in a foreign language that I didn't even know that I could understand.

"They were coming for you," She had told me.

"vvos postulo ut lateat" She continued as she released me and sat me beside her on the couch. I had almost forgotten about Mr Macy but he was busy talking to Cyrus.

"Nevaeh focus!" She raised her voice. It reminded me of my father and his strictness and insensitivity when he would teach and train us. I jolted and faced Mrs Macy instantly.

"Do you understand what I've been saying?" She asked me, her eyebrows raised higher in deep concern.

"Yes. But how? I've never heard or learnt this language before. How can I understand you?" I asked confused, holding the gold cloth tighter in my hand.

Ms Macy sighed and looked out of the window, her eyes meeting the bright moon just above us.

"So it's true.." She said, mostly to herself. "We're going to need to act fast. Nevaeh tell me, what was your last horrific dream?"

I thought for a moment and remember the dream about the wolf and the rabbit.

"There was a wolf and a rabbit.. but I could only see through the eyes of the wolf..."


"I don't really understand what's happening but I want to talk about the house, how did it all happen?" I asked attempting to change the subject from me. Mr Macy joined us on the couch and sat beside his wife. Cyrus came soon enough, standing in front of the armchair in front of us, his legs widen as he stares at me carefully. He had changed into a black hoodie and grey sweatpants.

"Wait, she understands Latin and she can see something that no one else can." Cyrus interrupted in disbelief.

"Yes, she truly has the gift. But with great power comes great responsibility. What did you mean by 'she can see something we cant,'?" Mr Macy spoke up, sitting up straight and adjusting his glasses.

I grabbed the cloth and laid it out on the coffee table that I noticed only held one frame of Cyrus' sister Amelia. I gently moved the photo and straightened up the cloth. I could still see the words laid out;


"Please tell me that you can see those words." I groaned and Mrs Macy scooted forward. She observed the cloth and laid her hand above it, as if trying to absorb its power.

"Multi pereunt, cum sol et luna in occursum" She said loudly.

"You can see it too! You can see the missing words!" I said excitedly and making eye contact with Cyrus who looked very lost.

"No, I can't see it but I can feel it." She said smiling. "Honey, It's been charmed. The only way for all of us to see it is if your blood is used."

"Her blood?" Cyrus spoke up and Mrs Macy nodded.

"How much of it do you need?" Cyrus continued.

"I'd need just about 2 tablespoons." Mrs Macy said casually and I burst out laughing.

"Two tablespoons!" I laughed loudly. "You make it sound like we're baking something."

"We'll just need to gently cut your palm and allow the blood to drip over the cloth." Mr Macy replied.

"But the only problem is, Nevaeh you have the power to heal others with your blood. But because of that, you don't have the power and strength to heal yourself. Every time you heal something you absorb their pain. If the pain is far greater than you can take, it can often lead to possible death. You need to be careful Nevaeh. You can't save everyone." Ms Macy announced and I stopped laughing instantly.

I didn't know what to say or do.

My healing process was slowed. If I couldn't heal like a regular werewolf, then I'd be just as weak as a human.

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