Chapter 10

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This is an explicit chapter. Skip if you must, drug and sex scenes. I will put a warning for the drugs, but I'm pretty sure half of you came for the sex so I'll just leave it.

Important author note at the end, please read.

"You'd scare him," Chris replied. He glanced at Tom's hand, at his horrible attempt to hide himself. He immediately grew angry with her. Tom was in no state to say no to someone, especially with how sweet he was. He took a big drink of his drink and watched as Scarlett walked a circle around him before walking back to Tom, placing a kiss on his neck.

"I would only show him who's in charge," she said back, she grabbed the cup out of Tom's hand and took a big gulp, sighing at the burning sensation in her stomach. "Let me have him for 30 minutes tops." Chris shook his head, wrapping his arm around Tom's waist. Tom leaned into Chris' touch, practically purring as he laid his head on his shoulder.

"Yo Hemsworth! Where's the glass you promised?!" A guy yelled, Jeremy, as he walked towards them. He brushed the sight of Tom off, as it wasn't rare to see someone clung to Chris.

"I have it mate," Chris pushed Tom off of him gently, receiving a whine from him as he clinged to his arm. He gave him a warning glare before reaching in his back pocket and pulling out a small baggy, it completely full of a glass like substance. Tom looked at it with wide eyes as almost everyone began to surround them.

"Chris..." Tom whispered, letting go of his arms. He knew this wasn't a friendly neighborhood, but he didn't expect Chris to do drugs. Sure he drank and smoked all the time, especially weed, but none of that was hardcore. Chris only sent Tom a reassuring smile as he began to get to work, laying the 'glass' on a spoon.

"Who's your toy?" Jeremy asked, retrieving the needle from his arm and passing it to the person next to him, Chris Evans. Tom cringed at it, he wanted to say something, but the alcohol and weed took over every common sense he had.

"He's not my toy you ass," Chris glared at him and pulled Tom closer. He grabbed 2 more needles from Jeremy, obviously cleaner than the others and unused. "Do you want to feel the most amazing thing ever?" Chris asked Tom, getting the syringes ready with Crystal Meth. Tom gulped, he'd never done anything like that in his life. He knew all of the side effects, so why did he take the needle?

‼️‼️Drug Scene‼️‼️

Chris smiled at him as he stuck the needle in his vein, so fast and perfect Tom could've sworn he went to medical school. He sighed as he pushed the substances in him, Tom followed. He gasped as it ran through his veins. It felt..... Amazing. He looked at Chris and smiled, his pupils dilated to the max. Everything was bolder, it was a completely different world.

He pulled the needle out of his arm and dropped it on the ground, pulling Chris into the most lustful and hungry kiss ever.

‼️‼️Drug Scene Over‼️‼️

It could've been because Chris was so damn irresistible. With his long blonde locks, his built figure and the worst of all, his damn voice. This was how Tom ended up on his hands and knees on the bed as Scarlett sucked on his member and Chris fucked his tight hole.

"Fuck baby boy, I'm gonna cum~" Chris moaned loudly as he blew his load inside of Tom. He whimpered as Scarlett sucked on his tip, trailing her hands to his balls and palming them.  Chris watched, moaning as Tom clenched around his still erect cock.

"Daddy!" Tom squealed, Chris pulled out of him but Scarlett showed no signs of stopping. He felt his orgasm coming, but had special requests not to cum until either of them said so. "P-please, I'll be a good boy!" Tom moaned loudly and clenched the sheets. Chris ran his hand over Tom's spine before giving it a kiss.

"You look so hot baby boy," he whispered in his ear, earning another whimper. "I should let her do this every day, humiliate you. Submitting to a woman, god you're such a slut~" Tom moaned at the feeling of Chris' hand gripping his hair. He pulled his head back, gulping as he looked at the blonde, Aussie. "Cum for me," he whispered huskily into his ear.

The 3 words was all it took for Tom to blow his load in Scarlett's mouth. He moaned as she sucked him dry before pulling off with a pop. The noise was enough to make Chris' cock twitch.

"Goddamn," Scarlett sighed as she wiped her mouth. Tom collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily from being over simulated.

"I-I need a moment," Tom gasped as he felt Chris' hand trail on his back. He reached for the pack of cigarettes on the dresser, way too sore to move. Chris reached it to him, getting him and Scarlett one out.

Tom's body was still pumping with and adrenaline. He expected himself to sleep, but it was impossible. His body was telling him to stay, but his mind said go. He sat up, lighting the paper, cancer stick.

"Oh God, how about I just stay here," Scarlett sighed deeply as she laid her head on Chris' stomach, watching as Tom's face grew with jealousy. She looked at him and smirked, before grabbing a fist full of his hair and pulling him close to her. "You have such a fuck able mouth~," she whispered before pulling him into a kiss. Tom half expected Chris to get jealous and tell her to get off, but he glanced up at him to see he was.... Smiling.

Tom moaned against the kiss, feeling himself get hard again. He had read about what meth done to your body in college. It made your emotions take over, everything was in high motion. It was amazing. The greatest feeling he had ever felt in his life. He was tired from their act, but still needed more. He need to go, be moving every second. He had never felt such a rush.

But he also read about the side effects. It made you nauseous when you came down. Made you feel like you were dying. It made you twitch all over the place, see things that weren't actually there.

But the rush, just feels so damn great. What if he never had to come down?


Thank you to my family for teaching me so much about drugs. It helped so much during this chapter. xD

If anyone was wondering, I didn't make the bottoms up. It is actually based on the place I live, it's what everyone calls it. It's a very dangerous and scary place. There's a lot of gangs, drugs, and violence here so instead of doing drugs I was like "Hey I'll turn it into a gay fanfic" and that's how this story was made.

Just thought I'd tell you guys about it. I also need to apologise for the updates. I need to make a schedule, but it seems I never have the inspiration. I will come up with a schedule and let you guys know.

-Rubyann 🏳️‍🌈

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