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the next day, everyone was just looking at me. some made way, some bratty girls rolled their eyes, and some were just staring.

it made me uncomfortable. i fastened my steps as i felt someone cling on my arm, i looked and it was haeyoung. she was smiling, as usual.

"what were the rumours?" haeyoung whispered. i frowned at her, i have no complete idea what's going on.

"rumours? what rumours?" i asked. haeyoung sighed, "don't lie to me, i know you've been informed about it." haeyoung said.

"i honestly have no idea what you're talking about." i replied.

"about you? and yoonbin?" haeyoung said.

it's true. minjee did spill some rumours that aren't even a fact.

"minjee spread them, didn't she?" i asked her. haeyoung nodded, "you know how much we hate minjee." i said.

"i know! but it seems true! i mean, yesterday when you both-" "stop it. i don't wanna hear about it." i cut off.

"there's nothing between me and yoonbin. yoonbin just talked to me yesterday at the rooftop." i explained.

"there's a lot of corners in the school and you really chose the rooftop? no wonder why-"

"if you believe minjee's rumours, then it's fine, believe that. i'm tired of this." with that, i left her, standing in confusion and anger.

while walking, i felt someone grab my wrist, "so-" "no, please. i don't want to get involved in any stupid rumours again."

i brushed my hand off yoonbin's grip. as i went to my class, everyone's eyes were still on me, i really felt weird and uncomfortable.

noisy chitchats and loud murmurs could be heard. "don't you think sorin and yoonbin are a perfect couple?" says the one who's in front of me.

"yes! i have noticed them yesterday, they were such a cutie! plus, both of them are really popular."

the door opened and all of us, including me, looked at the door.

it was yoonbin.

"yoonbin-ah!" a slutty voice called "mind if you sit with me?" the girl tapped a vacant seat beside her.

yoonbin made a face and dropped his bag beside me. he sat and sighed.

"you see?!" the girl in front me exclaimed "yoonbin even ditched the slutty girl beside me just to sit beside sorin!" there was a small screech from both of them.

i rolled my eyes and lied my head on my desk.


hAPPY NEW YEAR!! 💘❣️✨💖🥰💕🧡💙
새해 복 많이 받으세요!! 🧡💞
i missed writing in first person :)) (correct me if im wrong)

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