Getting rid of the ice came first. She dispersed the hard coldness that kept them safe at night into tiny ice crystals on the wooden floor. After, she made her way down the stairs, surprising the woman preparing breakfast to serve.

          "Goodness child!" she exclaimed, pressing a hand to her heart. "What are you doing up so early?"

          Viveca apologetically smiled. "My friends and I have to leave soon, we only needed a place to stay the night." She looked around the tavern, finding no one else but them around.

          "So soon?" she frowned. "You can at least stay until I finish breakfast." Her hand waved towards the few dishes already done, still cooking at the old stove.

          "We don't want to be a burden on you, those will surely feed someone else."

          "Nonsense! I made sure to make something extra special. The only thing it'll feed are the rats if it's not you. You need meat on your bones, all three of you. You're far too thin to go out there in the cold, fat keeps you warm."

          Viveca raised an eyebrow and looked down, snickering to herself.

          She whirled around, her voluptuous figure starting to seem more authoritative than endearing. She pointed the spatula in her hand at her, putting her other on her cocked hip. "Now go and get the other three. You're eating before you leave and that's final."

          "Yes ma'am," Viveca said in a mock salute.

          She rushed back up the stairs, taking the steps two at a time. The spatula isn't what made her rush, it was the food cooking under it. They hadn't eaten in over twenty-four hours.

          She burst the room door opened, pleasantly surprised to see them up.

          Neyca placed a hand over her mouth as she quietly yawned, "Morning."

          Ezlyn stood in front of the window, lifting her arms up in a stretch. "Hey Viv, you sure got up early."

          The said girl nodded, "Well someone had to get rid of the ice. Plus I checked to see if anyone else was up. The bar lady is downstairs making breakfast and she won't let us leave until we eat."

          Neyca adjusted her clothes, trying to make herself presentable. She rose a brow, "You say that like its a problem."

          "It's not, she just doesn't want to look too excited," Ezlyn responded, rolling her eyes. "She's actually starving."

         "Well let's go then, no need to delay her any farther."

          They all went down, finding the bar lady setting a table for them.

          She grinned, "I'm glad to see you all awake, come and sit down. I'll go get some milk."

          She left them by themselves, staring at the plates in front of them. Their mouths watered at the steaming eggs and sausage.

          The woman came back with not only milk, but also toast and fruit. She set it all down on the table, pouring them each a glass of the milk. "Dig in, I want it all eaten before you go. I won't accept any less."

          They didn't hold back, making sure to eat everything she laid out for them. Once finished, they stood and gathered their things.

          "So you're finally leaving?" she asked with a sad smile.

          They nodded, not knowing what to say.

          "Stay warm and safe, you seem like strong capable girls. I don't want to hear any news about the bodies of you three being found."

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