Sonder Hearts

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          Her piercing gaze stayed on the space, listening intently to the footsteps. She knew that whoever was approaching, weren't meant to be there. They were walking far too slow for that, and no sensible person would be awake at that hour unless they were busy, or were like herself.

          And this person was neither.

          Neyca slowly stood up, her movements silent. She unsheathed both her swords, the slight noise it made alerting the person on the stairs. They stopped, giving her a moment to spread her feet apart and get into an offensive stance.

          They began moving again, this time far quicker. They were running, and the moment they turned the corner, she changed to defensive. She wasn't sure if they were human or not, and harming one without reason wasn't something she was fond of. The way they ran at her with a snarl caught her attention. They growled like an animal, ceasing her worry.

          Either she'd done something to it, or it just hated her, though she couldn't figure out why.

          Its hands were covered in black blood, she noticed. Her eyes went back to its face, filled with pure rage.

          Maybe there was a reason for it to hate her. It could have been another Vaescil who lived in secret and along with the other as its friend.

          Regardless, Neyca decided, they posed a threat and needed to be stopped.

          She readied herself for the impact of its first hit, putting her swords by her hips so she could quickly pull them up.

          One more step and it would've been in front of her, but it didn't get the chance.

          Purple light flashed before her eyes, throwing her off focus. In the blink of an eye, a hole went through the stomach of her attacker, black blood spewing forward. What sounded like static electricity came in purple sparks around its body. She looked up, and for a brief moment she could've sworn she saw purple eyes behind it.

          Then, they were gone, body and all.

          Neyca stood there, taking in what had happened.

          She shrugged, it wasn't her problem anymore so why should she care? She moved to go back into the room, only to stop when she almost slipped.

          A scowl came across her lips as she looked at the black blood on the floor. She threw her head back and quietly groaned, knowing she'd have to clean it up before she could leave.

          Neyca placed her hand on the wall next to her. Black, misty tendrils wrapped around it and crawled up her arm as it pulled her into the darkness. Her entire body went through, and when she emerged, she was behind the sink downstairs.

          She took a washing cloth and filled a bucket with water, then went back up through the wall to the hallway. She soaked the cloth, wiping as fast as she could to get it done quickly.

          Once she finished she took both items down to clean. An exasperated sigh escaped her as she went to the hallway for the last time, she could finally rest. She went through the door to their room, appearing on the other side. A quick look around to make sure it was safe was all she needed before she laid down on the floor, using her arm as a pillow.

          It only took a few minutes to fall asleep.

          Not long after, Viveca was the first to wake.

          She sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Judging from the darkness outside the window, she had awoken just before dawn as she planned. While Neyca and Ezlyn still slept, she did tasks of her own.

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