Chapter 29

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I was nervous and obviously I was underdressed so he dropped me off at home so I could get dressed.I took a quick shower and put on a black knee-high dress and black flats,I brushed through my hair and curled the ends and applied a little concealer.I grabbed a water bottle and headed outside to wait for him.I waited 30 minutes before he showed up,I decided I'd give him 20 minutes of the silent treatment.I opened the car door and hopped in,I put on my seatbelt and looked at the time,6:30.I looked out the window and stayed quiet the whole time.We arrived but he put a blindfold on me but I didn't protest since I was giving him the silent treatment.I stepped out and he led me around,We finally stopped and he took the blindfold off.I saw a blanket on the ground and a large screen hanging from a tree and a projector.I stared at it in awe but didn't say anything and looked at my watch,6:45. "do you like it?" I smiled but didn't answer and looked around and then I stopped at his eyes.I looked down at my watch,6:50."It's amazing,It's absolutely beautiful" He looked kinda sad so I kissed him on the cheek but he cupped my face and kissed me but this time on the lips.I was the first to break the kiss since I needed to breathe,I laid on his chest and watched the movie.When it was over I stood up and stretched my arms "I got to get home..The battle will be here in one week" He sighs but follows me to the car anyways."I don't want you to fight" I smiled at him "I know but I have to" He started the car and sped off to my new house "Hey how do you report your um...Parents?" He looked at me sorta of stunned "why?" I looked at the floor "they kidnapped me" I muttered under my breath."You report it to the Alpha" I nodded and told him to drop me off at my old packs house.Once he dropped me off I went to Alpha Drake's office and knocked "come in" I went through the door and he smiled "came to your senses and came to join us again?" I laughed "no,I came to report my ex-parents" Alpha Drake looked at me with confusion "why would you want to do that?" I sighed "They kidnapped me when I was a baby and I found my real family" Alpha Drake looked nervous now "How d-do you know?" I gave him a confused look "Because I found my real family" He grew paler "How'd you know?" I grew angry "How'd you know?" I growled back at him,I came up with a simple solution,mind reading.'How'd she find out? I covered up everything! I must just plant lies and tell her that I'll tell the court' He smiles at me "I'll tell the council" I laughed "liar,I'm going to report you as we'll" I said before storming out.I ran back out to the car but he didn't say a word,probably because he sensed my anger.I jumped out the car as soon as it stopped,I ran to my room and changed into sweat pants and a oversized blue shirt.I put my hair in a ponytail and called the council.

'Hello council I'd like to schedule a meeting for tomorrow'

'4:30 is the only time we can meet'

'See you then'

I hung up my phone and jumped in bed and fell fast asleep.


Hello my lovely people!

I updated again! I looked how many reads I had in total and.....2K!!!! Thanks so much,without you guys this book would be nothing! I love you guys thanks so much! and guess what.......I made another book! it's called 'The Enemy' please go check it out! Thanks so much again, Bye!


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