Bonus Chapter: Ziam.

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Zayn picked up Niall's clothes and gagged, "That blonde little leprechaun is disgusting. How Lauren deals with him is beyond me."

Liam laughed behind him, "Just wash them, Z. I'll have Niall bring home dinner if it helps."

"Sometimes I wish Harry was still here because then he'd tell Niall about how his clothes fucking stink."

Zayn dropped the clothes into the washer and set it up before closing the lid and turning it on.

Liam walked over and wrapped his arms around Zayn tucking his face into Zayn's neck, "At least you smell delicious."

"I'm using very manly strawberry spray stuff." Zayn informed him, "I don't even care. It smells good and I fucking like it."

"There is no labels for smells, Zayn. If you want to smell like strawberry then spray all you want. I find it delicious."

Zayn smiled and turned in Liam's arms, "You ever wonder where you'd be right now if Harry and Louis never talked?"

"I have tried to imagine it but I can't." Liam replied, "All I can think about is when you first sent a selfie. I was blinded by your beauty."

He ran his fingers down Zayn's jawline and kissed his forehead.

"You're so obsessed with my beauty." Zayn chuckled.

"Can you blame me? You're absolutely beautiful, Zayn." 

"Oh shut up and lets clean up a little bit so we can get ready for dinner. Knowing Niall he's going to rush right in and throw the food everywhere." 

Liam took Zayn's hand and pulled him further into the washing room and shut the door.

"Liam! We don't have time for-"

Liam interupted him by kissing him as hard as he could pushing him up against the dryer.

"Jesus." Zayn gasped, "What has you all turned on?" 

"An empty house." Liam spoke, kissing Zayn's neck, "Whenever Niall and Lauren are here we always have to be quiet."

Zayn groaned at the feeling of Liam biting his neck, "Christ, Liam. If you want to do this then we have to do this before Niall gets here."

"Clothes off." Liam instructed.

"Sexy." Zayn sarcastically replied.

But their clothes were off in minutes and Liam had Zayn sitting up on the dryer. He pulled Zayn closer and wrapped his legs around him.

"I love you, Zayn."

"I love you too, Liam." Zayn moaned, "Hurry the fuck up."

"So impatient." Liam chuckled.

Niall walked into the house with the Chinese food and heard grunts and moans. He just shrugged, "I'm sure they're almost done knowing Zayn."

He walked into the kitchen and put the food down before yelling at them to come out.

He got his food together and grabbed himself a beer before walking over to the table.

Liam and Zayn came out a few moments later looking completely messy.

"That smells so good." Zayn huffed, walking towards the food.

"You don't." Niall gagged, "You smell like sex."

"At least I get sex."  Zayn retorted.

"I got sex tonight about four times thank you."

Liam shook his head, "Alright, you weirdos. Lets eat and have a normal conversaton shall we?"

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