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Knowing their stay at Verans will take longer with this new development, Elena and Dimitri made themselves even more comfortable. Alpha Jonathon sent a message to wait in his office about new information about Shia's hellhounds. Elena was seated behind the desk going over the pack's land and the direction Bryce was found wandering from. Dimitri was currently on a tense call with his best friend.

"I sensed his movement an hour ago but the tracking seal wasn't broken. Do you have eyes on him?"

"No sir and we also have a new development," Jakobe was agitated. He sensed the slight shift in the air as soon as the two Alphas crossed the pack's border.

"Shia has left," Dimitri stated coldly. During the meeting of Bryce, he was alerted of one of his enchantments being tampered with. He felt the cutting of the tracking spell but he can still sense Shia's wolf after he was still under the royal bond. With this unexpected happening, it led Dimitri to believe that his old friend has created a strong rebellion. He had to have a high ranked witch to help weaken his magic and one well versed in old magic.

"Is Elena around?" Jakobe asked softly.

"Yes," Knowing it may concern Elena he quickly gave her a kiss on her head and stepped out on the balcony, taking a purposeful walk through the gardens outside the office.

"Go on," Dimitri said when he was certain he was out of reach.

"Miss Rachel is missing, brother. Elias notified us three hours ago. Her mother didn't find it odd but made a comment of her daughter being out with some guy," Jakobe hissed.

"Considerable explanation from her mother with this situation. The two women have no knowledge of Elena and Elias' true self. Have you checked to see if that was indeed true?"

"Her car is still at the Monroe home and her phone was found on the floor in the foyer. Elias picked up three scents. Three familiar scents."

"One was Shia wasn't it?" he asked, knowing the answer already.

"Yes and two nomad vampires we checked in three months ago,"

"Son of a fucking bitch!" Dimitri shouted kicking at a garden chair.

"I've sent four trackers out for them...."

"He will cover his tracks. You tend to forget our friend, Jakobe," Dimitri interjected lowly. Shia, being the son of a high ranked and experienced Royal Beta has been trained thoroughly. From hand to hand combat in different styles to learning to disappear from the enemy. It was imperative for them to find some sort of lead to get to him. The tracking spell he placed on the man was used with old magic. Only coven witches from old magic can weaken it but not truly break it. For Dimitri to fully center in on Shia he will need another Royal with old magic. Only one royal he had in mind.

'Lena,' Dante said hoarsely. She was new to the fold and it will take most of her strength to do it. What if she is with child? he cannot let her strain herself and their pup.

"It's worth a try brother. I know how this works Dimitri. I didn't train with you all these years just to keep you company. I had to learn what makes my brother weak to protect him and his future Queen," Jakobe said. Dimitri can feel the real brotherly bond he had with his best friend. Blood isn't the only way to have a real family.

Releasing a tired sigh, he chuckled at his friend's words. "I know. I know. Just be careful. Question the witches within Full Moon quietly and have our most experienced warriors at the borders. Notify the Elders of this threat. Quietly and keenly watch your troop. Shia has a silver tongue, our own comrades can betray us. The hellhounds that escaped may be hunted for at the moment. Be on the lookout for anything out of place,"

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