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I don't know why he was weirdly quiet and it bothered me. I know he isn't one for long talks or a common chatterbox but I know my mate. We've spent each waking moment with each other for six months. We are practically living together and in the talks of getting a bigger house. Is he worried about my potential situation?

We talked about raising a family but placed it on future plans since trouble arose in other packs that were too coincidental. If I am with a pup, I will be happy about the new addition but will he?

"Hey," I called out softly placing my hand over his on the console. Currently, we were on an emergency visit to a pack five towns away from our hometown. The pack was currently an ally of my father's from his younger years and have kept in contact. The alpha signed an allegiance with Full Moon and adopted my Nomad Policy. It deemed effective to keep track of wolves who wish to cause problems and tend to help those who were shunned wrongfully.

The warmth that enveloped me when Mikael turned his hand to capture mine properly, made me relax somewhat.

"Are you worried?" I asked hoping he understood my vague question. We both were aware of our wild matings during my heat. I didn't mind but I think I was too thrown by my desire for my Mikael.

"I'm worried about a lot of this my love," he said softly glancing my way. He was the one driving with eight of our best warriors accompanying us in two vans each. Protection enchantments were doubled on our town before we left. Since our pack review a week ago, he has been hell-bent on protection, more so over me. He didn't divulge but the look in his eyes whenever I asked him to let me know he knew who the threat was. It was torturing him. I begged him to tell me but he was too far gone in betrayal.

"Which one worries you the most?"

"You." His answer was quick, sure and serious.

"Me? I can protect myself also you're beside me, baby," I said with a teasing smile hoping to bring back my carefree mate.

"I know my Lena but if you are with child, shifting will be prevented. I will be happy but I can't stop worry if he attacks you," he said softly.

"He? Who is it, baby?" I asked desperately.

Mikael said nothing. His grip on the steering wheel was tight, the white of his knuckles was visible now. The person is closer to him than I thought.

"I now understood why I wasn't attacked since I've arrived. Investigations I've had on my threat and my personal reports on these kidnappings have vanished. Before I moved in with you, I've been struggling with my magic and Dante have been weak. I-I have to get all my facts correct before I approach him. I have Jakobe monitoring him also the witches. I created a tracking charm with them. If he leaves town I will know," he explained.

"You think this person has a hand in these kidnappings and now this emergency case at Verans?"

"Dominance and authority have been their family's motto. His mother was found guilty for illegal breeding, treason to the crown and kidnapping."

"Her sentence?" I asked already knowing the answer. Whether it be a royal court or simple pack judging, such crimes are dealt with only one way as an example.


"His father? Where was he in all of this? How could he allow his mate to do all of that?"

Mikael said nothing, I can see how tightly his jaw was clenched shut.

'Turn left onto the next exit'

The automated voice of the GPS broke the heavy silence.

"He was standing at my father's side through it all. I can only imagine the pain he went through not only as a father and husband but as a Royal Beta."

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