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hello. this is going to be a short update, because in fact, - even though i'm so fucking drained, i haven't seen any results.

but to be fair, i skipped so many days, and my brain is probably used to the daily life style again. so that's probably why.

plus, i didn't sleep much last night, that might have affected the results. as well as that, alongside, i didn't listen overnight..however, the midnight bash i was having, (aka, laying in bed reading fanfic), i listened to my subliminal video twice, totally up to at least 2 and a half hours.

so i think that made up for it.

plus, today, i drank water. not the tap water shit though, that shit's vile. my body hates that shit for some reason lmao.
i just drank the sparkling water crap, i'm pretty sure the one i drank was 'blueberry and peach' or strawberry and blueberry, some stuff along that line.

that's all i have to say really, apart from the fact my family's noticing i'm not eating much; because, i really don't. just not to the point where it's unhealthy.

i eat at least two meals a day, sometimes just the one. but i have snacks in between that keep me satisfied.

but recently, i've been having no snacks, and only been having breakfast, (cereal or yogurt) and dinner, (pot noodles regularly, occasionally spaghetti bol-a-n-ae-ze - don't know how to spell it).

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