Hey guys,

I've recently read this book again and finally gained the motivation to edit it a little.

I'm proud of the way it turned out but not the way it started so I will start editing it.

This also concerns the plot of the book but I won't be doing any major plot changes for now but I thought it's time to give the book the revision it deserves.

If you have any ideas, questions or comments, feel free to let me know.

I know the philosophical parts were a bit too much sometimes, but everyone who writes stories knows that you sometimes can get really caught up without noticing what you're actually writing :D

Also, I will mark the edited chapters for you to know and not getting confused.

The first chapter will be up any minute so let me know whether you like it or not, feel free to comment any of your thoughts on it.

Love you all,

Ps: I thought that it might be cool to have some sort of special group or fandom name for our little Wattpad squad :D. Do you have any group name/fandom name suggestions, let me know?

I have a few ideas but I'm not sure if they're good:

- (Los) Valientes (because of the last name of my pen name Valente. It means "the brave" in Spanish)

- Sunshines (because of Sol obviously :D)

- Riverians (because of Sofías last name)

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