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Dani Pov

Me and Sky were walking around the mall when I saw Ray Ray, & Princeton. They shot us a look and started to walk toward us, so I mind- linked Sky. It took a minute but we came up with a plan

Let's go to the far end of the mall

Yeah, nobody hang's there

We betta get going, the guy's getting closer

We gave the guy's the deuces and ran to the far end of the mall. We hid behind this closed clothing store, and waited. Sky tried coming up with another plan but it was hard to see if it would work

So what's the plan

I don't know, but I know why they gave us that look


We both walked out on them only taking the flowers with us

Poor guy's I know we broke they heart

I know right, but we couldn't lead them on

Right, that would be more hurtfully than telling the truth

I zoned out the rest of conversation because I could smell the guys coming but they didn't smell human anymore. I told Sky that they were coming and that they smelled weird. She agreed with me and we went invisible. A moment later the boys rounded the corner, I was talking to Sky and she agreed to hear what they had to say and that if we didn't like it, we would bounce. We waited for a minute and the boy's sat down on the floor right by me.

"We know your over here"

"Yeah, just come out Sky"

"I think they're a little shy"

"I think so to"

Since they weren't really saying anything me and Sky switched back. The guy's were pretty happy when we did, I guess talking to themselves wasn't really normal.

"So you finally join us"

"What do you want"

"To talk"


"We're just curious as to what happened last night"

"Look, it's a reason why we don't want you and we don't want to say it"


"We just don't wanna tell you"

I stepped closer to them and went to smell Ray. He didn't have any trace of human DNA coming off of him so I went and sniffed his neck. Turns out he is strictly a vampire, with the gene to turn a human scent on and off

"Seems like you had a secret"

"Yeah, we're all vampires"

"Great, now it's time to go"


"We don't wanna be here anymore"

"Well, too bad" grabs the girl's waist

"Your dumb, you know that right" tries to push them away

"Whatever" takes the girls phones and replaces them with their's

"See you later, Dani" kisses my cheek

Sky Prov

I do not like the way Prince was holding me. I mean that is totally a violation of personal space. I looked for my keys to my motorcycle when we got outside. I knew my phone was still in my pocket cause I felt it as I walked. Me and Dani got on our motorcycles then we sped off toward her house, where her sister was chilling in the living room with Jacob. But I started to smell dog and I knew that the girls didn't have one.

"What's that dog smell"

"That's us"

"What do you mean"

"We're werewolves"

"Did all the guys hide their true forms"


"Ya'll are sick, why couldn't y'all be honest"

"Well, we thought ya'll be freaked out by it"

"Dude we're vampires, you couldn't freak us out"

I went upstairs with Dani and took out my phone. Only when I looked at it, it wasn't mine. I had Prince's phone ugh so they switched our phones. I tried to unlock his phone and got it on the first try. I started looking through it and saw a unopened message from me, I opened it and it read

From- Sky

To- Prince

Hey, I see you unlocked my phone and have noticed a little change in the line up. So do you like my phone, I think you should keep it. Anyway me and Ray will keep ur phones until u find us so bye cutie.

I ran downstairs with Dani on my tail, I guess she saw the message from Ray. We went into the computer lab, and searched our phones and it came up with the same location. We told Gabi and Jacob we'll be back then ran to the building. We jumped on a nearby tree and climb through the third story window.

"Hello girls"

"Hey, where's our phones"

"Just follow us" walks through a door

We followed the boy's to this room and saw our phones. We went to pick them up but they wouldn't move. I looked at Dani and we looked at the guys. Then a noise came from the phones and I fell to the floor. Turns out those were shock decoys and our phones are hidden somewhere.

We spent about an hour looking for our phones before the guys led us to some bedrooms. Prince pulled me into one that looked like his room, he flipped a switch on the wall and the whole place started shaking. I guess this place was their house because it looked like a sheet and some parts of the house were 'falling' away.

(A/N wanna know what happen's next find out in Chapter 4 and sorry I haven't been posting I was trying to get caught up on my other stories. I was also busy helping my friend out, I'll try to upload more offten)

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