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(A few months later)

Both of Justin and I had been so busy with our own career that we both barely talk to each other, the only conversation we'll have is a good morning conversation, what do you want for breakfast, what do you want for dinner, how was work or good night. Our relationship went downhill since we kissed months ago, I didn't know what's wrong but Justin had been seen with sooooo many girls lately you don't even know.

"Justin" I called him

"Yea?" he responded not taking his eyes off from the book he was currently reading.

"I was just wondering if I can come to your office and we'll go out for lunch?" I asked him

"I'm busy tomorrow." he answered still not taking his eyes off from whatever he was reading.

"O-okay" I stuttered, I felt a big lump on my throat and I knew it I was about to cry, I thought that we were fine but we weren't. I don't know what I did wrong though. I turned around and walked towards my bedroom,

"Ella" Justin spoke, I turned around to see him looking at me

"Our wedding is in 3 weeks, why don't you go shopping with someone or go for a dress hunting or some shit because I'm pretty sure that's necessary" Justin told me

"I-i don't think so, I have someone to take care of that" I told him, truth is I didn't have anyone to take care of that because I wanted Justin to go with me but guess that'll never happen.

"Okay" he replied then stood up from the black leather couch then left to his bedroom without saying another word to me. I looked down on feet and before I knew it a single tear escaped from my eyes, I quickly wiped them away as I walked towards the kitchen and opened one of the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of vodka from there.


I woke up to the loud pounding on the door, I groaned and sat up from my bed. I held my head due to the massive headache. I opened the door to reveal an angry Justin stood at the door, I sighed and stepped aside letting him to walk in.

He stepped in to my room and closed the door and glared at me.

"Okay, what did I do now?" I asked him as I slowly walked back to my bed to sit down. I sat down and buried my face on to my hand.

"Right Stella, what did you do, last night?" Justin asked me harshly.

"I ... I don't remember, I'm sorry." I replied to him

"You called your father last night, crying and saying I hurt you. Really? What did I do? I didn't even talk to you about anything in the past few weeks-"

"Really? I don't remember why I did that. I'm sorry, I promise that won't happen again" I told him then walked towards my bathroom and locked the door. I was about to strip my clothes when Justin pounded on the door, again. I sighed and rolled my eyes before I finally opened the door.

"You don't fucking walk away when I'm talking to you" he gritted

"What?! I apologized to you already and what else do you want me to do?! Isn't that enough Justin?!" I screamed and before I knew it his hand went across my face. I was shocked, I looked down on my feet and my bottom lips started to tremble, I was holding my sore cheek.

It was silent, there were only our heavy breathe was being heard. After a few minutes I encouraged myself to look up at him and my eyes instantly meet his. By now there were tears streaming down my face. But instead of saying anything to him I just walked past him and bumped to him by the shoulder. I walked to my closet and quickly grabbed all my stuffs and threw it to an empty bag.

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