That goes aganist the Rules

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No P.O.V

Dick is over at Barbara house. Barbara is going into 10th grade. Dick's going into 9th.

"Are you excited to start 9th grade." Barbara asked.
"No. Everyone's going to be focused on Dating and being in love. Plus Homecoming." He answers.
"So why exactly aren't you excited?" Barbara asked.
"Because I don't feel that. I'm going to be in the back and worrying about not failing (1) Bruce (2) my team and (3) school it self."
"Or maybe you haven't found the right girl yet." Barbara says back.

Time skip to the day the teams gets a new member.

"Hey guys meet Artemis." Oliver says.
"Where's Kid Flash?" Batman asked.
"At school." Aqualad responded.
"Hi I'm Megan." Miss. M said so happy.
"Hi." Artemis responded.
"Where's Robin?" Conner asked.
"He was getting changed last time I saw him." Megan said.

Soon enough Robin Jumped down from the ceiling and stole one of Artemis arrow.

"Hey give that back." Artemis yelled at him.
"Why did he-" Oliver started but was cut off.
"He checking to see if she was the that saved Kid Flash from amazo." (Think that's how you spell it.)
"Oh." Oliver said.

Robin jumped back down and handed her arrow back.

Robin P.O.V

My heart just skipped a beat. I want to say something to her but what?... I don't want to look like (1) a fool and (2) cocky...

"No need to introduce your self I know who you are." Artemis said to me.

"Okay." I responded awkwardly.

Then am I ever so glad that the computer announced kid flash B03

Time skip (it all happened like the show there.) A week later.

I keep getting like really scared to talk to her. When I see her my heart jumps. I get butterflies in my stomach what is wrong with me.

I mean sure she Cu- I mean... She's a teammate and I have to follow all Batmans Rules:

1. No killing
2. No guns.
3. No dating teammates
4. While on a mission your Head is clear 100%
5. It's a Secret Identity for a reason.
6. No real names in costume

Yeah personally I think that the third one is stupid. Specially since dating a teammates better than dating someone like Catwoman or Talia al Ghul.

That night.

"Hey Barb." I said.
"Yeah." She said back.
"What if I told you I was wrong." I said.
"What are you talking about." Barbara asked.
"When we talked about me starting 9th grade and I said I don't feel love." I said.
"Let me guess you have a crush on someone." Barbara said.
"Yeah... I mean I think... I don't know.. Maybe." I said.
"What's her Name?" Barbara asked.
"Artemis." I responded.
"What she look like?" Barbara asked.
"She looks... Beautiful... Blonde hair.. Tanish skin.. Gray eyes.." I said.
"Yup your totally crushing on her." Barbara said.
"But I can't." I said.
"Why?" Barbara asked.
"It goes aganist the Rules." I responded.

Author note: part 2?

Young justice Outiders January 4th!

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this. Please tell me your thoughts. If you want a part two please put it in the comments.

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