Lessons, Language Arts, and The God of Lies

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"I can't believe I have class with Loki!" Clint complained as he walked down the hall with Loki.
"Nor am I unearthly happy about being in class with a man who threatened to stick an arrow in my eye. Or stopped my plans for world domination," Loki said as he passed Clint. "Though I do suppose it's better than being with Thor. He is quite childish."
They got to the classroom and opened the door. The teacher had been speaking but stopped as they entered.
"Hello. You must be the new students we've been expecting. Why don't you both come up here and introduce yourselves." Clint stepped up first.
"Hi, I'm Clint Barton and I really like archery. This is-."
"It's alright, Barton, I'm perfectly capable of introducing myself," Loki said. "I am Loki Laffeyson." A few kids snickered at his name.
"Laugh all you want but when you are kneeling before me, begging for mercy and I don't grant it to you, you'll know why." Everyone stared at him, their eyes wide.
"He's just kidding. He is really not planning on taking over the world. Loki just jokes around like that," Clint said, stepping in front of Loki. Clint shoved him down the aisle toward two empty desks.
"Hey! Barton, stop pushing me. I can walk myself! Stop!" Loki exclaimed as he was shoved into the seat by Clint. The teacher at the front of the room shook her head and began the lesson.
"Let that be on your conscience, master assassin," Loki said, his tone low and threatening.
"What?" Clint asked.
"That you told these people to ignore my warnings. When they die at my feet I hope your happy." Clint stared at him but Loki ignored him and went back to work.
"What is this garbage?" Loki murmured. "Asgard is such an easier place to learn."

Authors note:
Sorry it took so long to update. School started and everything. If you like this book you'll probably like my other book, A bridge to starlight.
Ariana Justice

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