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11장 : 좋은 아침

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11장 : 좋은 아침

( Chapter 11 : Good morning )




Chanmi's P.O.V.

As I slowly woke up,my vision was completely blurry. I blinked my eyes a couple of times until they adjusted to the sunlight that filled my bedroom. I tried to move my arms in attempt to stretch,but I couldn't at all. Something was holding me in place.

I looked up,only to find my head buried into his chest. With his arms around my waist,he breathes softly in my face.

Wait...did Jimin and I sleep together last night?

I gently move his arm off my waist as my eyes enthralled on him. His closed eyes framed with darling lashes. A small nose and burrowed cheekbones on the pillow, his appearance only to die for. I couldn't help but notice leathery black strands flopping over his face, which to my distaste, were veiling some of his enticing features.His jawline was amazingly sharp and his lips...I could describe it as a precisely shaped mouth, small, firm, full lipped. 

So perfect, yet so frustrating that it made my heart beat louder,just like a growling animal. 

What was this feeling?

He suddenly mumbled something in his sleep,but I couldn't make out what. So,I went a little closer and Jimin just found the perfect moment to wake up.

Our gaze met as I widened my eyes,our faces just inches away from each other's.

"See something you like?" He chuckled in his deep,morning voice. I yelped before tumbling off the bed and landing on my butt.

"Aahh...it hurts..." I whispered to myself, rubbing on it and groaning at how embarrassing this situation had become.

He leaned over to my bedside and looked at me.

"Hey,you okay?" He asked and offered me his hand.

"No,thanks." I stood up gruffly and placed my hand against my hip. Then,I sat back down on the bed as I heard giggling sounds coming from Jimin's mouth. I gave him a death glare as he tried to contain his laughter.

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