Author's Note

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Hi guys! This is a continuation of the After series by Anna Todd. I absolutely loved the series. By far my favorite book of all time. All credit goes to Anna for creating such a loving series filled with romance, drama, and thrilling stories. I fell in love with Harry and Tessa and wanted to continue the story since I knew so many of you guys(including myself) wanted more of Harry and Tessa. I will try my best to stay true to the storyline while adding my own spin. Hopefully I get people to actually read this haha.. Any suggestions, please leave in the comments! Also the story gets REALLY good after the first chapter so keep reading!

On another note, Also I plan on posting social media soon so you guys can talk with me there! Everyone stay safe! 

I'm also writing another book, Ruined by a bad boy, it's realllllllly good, please check it out!

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