Chapter 81

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The door to Nicolae's bedroom flew open, as the pitter-patter of a small set of feet ran over to launch themselves on the bed; right on top of Nicolae and I, who were snuggled up together sleeping, making me gasp and him grunt. Laughter from the doorway, announced the presence of the rest of the family. Undoubtedly, the other two brothers had unleashed their little sister on us, on purpose. "Wake up! It's Christmas morning!" Lorie laughed, pouncing on us repeatedly. I smiled and finally opened my eyes, to take in her joy-covered face and the sight of the other two brothers grinning from the doorway. They both wore mischievous looks on their faces. "Alright, Lorie! We're awake! We'll be down in a minute," Nicolae laughed at her excitement. She pouted but climbed off the bed, skipping out of the room, my dobermans hot on her heels.

I sat up and smirked at the other two brothers, who looked rather proud of themselves. "I don't suppose one of you could go get me a robe or something, so I can go get dressed?" I laughed at them. Drogo got a huge smirk on his face and stalked up to us. He grabbed me, sheet and all and wrapped me up in it, hoisting me up, partially over his shoulder, watching my pregnancy, to carry me off snarking, "He's had enough of our present all to himself. Come on, Peter!" I was laughing as I looked at Nicolae being left on the bed, sighing and rolling his eyes at his brother. I allowed myself to be carried down the hall and the stairs and across the manor, laughing at the look Sebastian got on his face as he saw, standing in the study doorway. He was smiling and shaking his head, by the time Drogo had me down to my bedroom door. He opened it and walked inside, gently placing me down inside the closet.

I smiled at him and reached up to pull his face to mine for a kiss, "Merry Christmas, Drogo." He smirked at me, whipping the sheet off of my body, to run his hands all over me, whispering, "That's better. Merry Christmas, Little Thing." He had me laughing. I pulled out of his grasp, making him pout and turned to find something to wear. We were all going casual, the brothers and Sebastian in their pajama bottoms, so I slipped on a red nightgown that wasn't overly revealing. I turned and walked back up to Drogo, intending to take his hand but instead, he bent down and picked me up, carrying me bridal style out of my room to the study. He set me down, once we were inside and I gave him a smile and a caress, before I walked up to give Peter a sweet kiss, saying, "Merry Christmas, my dark angel." He kissed my forehead and said, "Merry Christmas, my muse."

Lorie was bouncing on the sofa, she was so excited, making me laugh at her. I walked to Sebastian and wrapped my arms around him for a hug, "Merry Christmas, Seb!" "Merry Christmas, Sash!" He kissed the top of my head and I hugged him a little tighter. "Alright Lorie, calm down!" I laughed, pulling from Sebastian, to start passing out the stockings. I handed her hers first and proceeded to pass out the rest, that I had filled in the night with an assortment of small gifts. I eagerly watched Sebastian with a smirk on my face as he opened his. He peeked down inside and started laughing, half in good humor and half in exasperation. The brothers watched as he reached down inside and pulled out a cookie in the shape of a dog biscuit, making them all laugh as he glowered at me. I just blew him an amused kiss in response saying sweetly, "There' more if you're a good boy." The brothers all laughed and Sebastian rolled his eyes, reaching back down inside for the rest of his surprises.

Drogo had a new set of earbuds and a new ipod for his music, in his stocking. Peter had some calligraphy pens and nice paper, to write his poetry or music on and Nicolae had some very nice book marks, coordinating with his bigger gift from me he had yet to open, and a small book of pocket sonnets. I got up and passed around the other gifts, sitting down next to Lorie, to watch her open hers. She was so excited. When she finally had it open, she squealed with delight as she looked at the collection of gothic-style dolls I had gotten her. I had also accompanied it with a kit that had scalpels, needles and thread and other things for her to alter them however she wished. We sat down on the floor together and started playing with them, as the brothers watched with affection.

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