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C H A P T E R 2 9



My mouth opens in shock as I stare at the two of them.

"What?" Aidan asks in disbelief. For once, Sky doesn't snap at him for talking. Instead, she looks shocked too.

"How?" I simply question.

This time, Theodore answers. "You see, a long time ago, the moon goddess lived here on earth. She fell in love with a human, who she believed was her soul mate. Everything was going well between them until one day, she caught him cheating on her. That day, she saw how selfish humans could be. So she decided to create a new species that she hoped would make the world better." I listen intently to Theodore, like everyone else. Sky never told me any of this and it made me wonder if she knew about it.

"I sense a but," Adain says.

For once, I agree with Aidan.

Isabelle nods her head and takes over from her brother. "When she created werewolves, she didn't consider how feral wolves could be. We were both. . .unstable. We lashed out a lot and attacked anything moving. We needed something to pull us back to ourselves to reality, to tame our beasts. And so, she created soul mates."

"But werewolves have gone back generations. You would have to be. . ." Raphael drawls off, doing the math.

"Over a thousand years old, yes." Isabelle agrees. "And we are. We're immortal."

My eyebrows draw together. Werewolves age just like everyone else, they don't have a gene that stops them aging. So how are they immortal?

Isabelle must sense the question on the tip of my tongue because she smiles slightly at me. "There's a group of werewolves, an elite group who call themselves the Vulpes." I glance at Kaiden, who is already staring at me. HIs eyes read you were right. "They're lethal - merciless. They have devoted their lives for one purpose - to destroy the moon goddess. They train their children from a young age that the moon goddess is a treacherous woman who only desires one thing - to become more powerful. On many occasions when she has visited the earth, they have tried to assassinate her. And so, we have become her guardians."

I'm shocked to hear about the Vulpes. So we were right. There is a dangerous group. It's shocking to know why. Now meeting the Moon Goddess makes sense. Her cryptic message 'trust the twins' must mean trust Theodore and Isabelle.

But why would werwolves hate her when she gifted them with their abilities and soul mates?

"We've been protecting her for years and packs who the Vulpes attack," Isabelle adds.

"But you haven't explained what this has to do with me," I say, still confused. Now that they've told me who they are, I need to know how this relates to me.

Isabelle sighs and pinches her lips together. I eagerly await her answer.

Kaiden notices it and grabs onto my hand, squeezing it tightly. The small indication of his comfort is exactly what I need. Whatever links me to all of this, I know Kaiden will be here for me.

"Quinn, you're a descendant of my bloodline. That means you have the same blood as me, you can be a guardian. And that's' who the Vulpes hate here, her guardians."

I freeze.

"Hold up," Aidan butts in, stepping closer to them. "That makes zero sense. If you're the first werewolves and you produced offspring, wouldn't that mean we were all related to you?"

"He's right," Sky comments. "If you're the first, then we must be related to you otherwise how are we werewolves?"

The twins share a look. "The Moon Goddess created us first and for a couple of years, we lived happily. And then she created four more people - Edward, Sandra, Matthias andGillie. Edward and Sandra were mates and so were Matheius and Gillie. They were all ruthless, especially Gilli and Matheius. In fact, Matheius is the leader of the Vulpes. He created the group after Gillie died out of rage."

I falter.

"So...we're descendants from them?" Sky slowly asks, pieceing the information together.

Isabelle nods grimly. "Yes. I only had one child and so did Theodore. They were both mated to humans."

It makes sense. If Matheius and Gillie had children who had children with humans, they would be half-werewolves. And then their children would pass on the gene and sometimes, they could be mated with werewolves who were descendants of Edward and Sandra.

"So you're all immortal?"

"Yes," Theodore confirms. "Isabelle and I have devoted our lives to protecting the moon whilst Matheius had sworn to destroy her. Edward and Sandra disappeared centuries ago. Nobody knows where they are."

"Wow," Aidan mutters. "I feel like I'm back in history class but this time, I'm hearing everything from the actual people."

I chuckle at Aidan's mind-blown face.

"They want to kill me because I'm a descendant of you? Because I could help protect the moon?" I query.

Isabelle sighs. "Yes, the Vulpes seem to target our descendants because they are easier to kill. They usually kill them when The Moon Goddess is visiting us - which happens every fifteen years. It's been over fifteen years and the Moon Goddess refuses to visit in fear. She had to witness the last death. They held her captive and made her watch him die."

I get a feeling of dread. I have a horrible feeling that I know who they are talking about.

"Who died?" Kaiden asks for me, grabbing my hand, providing me with comfort.

Theodore stares directly into my eyes. His grey eyes are swimming with guilt and sympathy. His eyes give away the answer I desperately want to hear but at the same time, don't want to hear. The question I have asked for so long, that my mother has asked for so long, is finally going to be revealed.

And I'm terrified.

"Alistar Michael. Your father." 

{A/N: I'm sorry this chapter is a lot shorter but I wanted to end it with a cliffhanger.

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