Chapter 20

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Bowsette's POV
I waited for a period of time as everyone rested. While waiting, the TV was on and I played with (YN)'s hair, careful to not wake him up.

I have my doubts, but I really hope Junior gets adjusted to (YN)'s presence.

Being a queen, I need someone to help me run and rule the kingdom. Sure Booette and Chompette could help, but they both don't seem to be experienced enough. And though (YN) isn't a king, I can see potential.

He is a leader.

Looking down at him as he rested his head on my lap, I could see it. He can be my life partner...

A father. For Junior.

I sighed and carressed his cheek gently with a hand. I really hope he is interested. I'll make him the offer tonight...


Reader's POV
Everyone was on the deck of the battleship as we closed in on Bowsette's castle. With Chompette near my leg and Booette on my arm, I was slightly nervous.

Once we started to enter the castle, Junior guided us to the room hall while Bowsette ordered the Goombas and Koopas to keep on guard and raise the bridges up from the lava lakes.

Junior gave the girls a small tour of the area and showed them their rooms and where necessities are all located while I looked around the throne room. Honestly, The cage I broke out of was still broken. I doubt Bowsette will try and imprison us again seeing as how Junior gotten close to us.

She also doesn't seem to serious of a villain. Seeing as how she plays as herself while playing a kart racing game.

Bowsette: Why aren't you with your friends?
(YN)'s Mind:

Bowsette: Why aren't you with your friends?(YN)'s Mind:

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(YN): Nothing!
Bowsette: Hm... Very well.
(YN): Well, what are you doing? Now that you seem to have us where you want us and all.
Bowsette: I chose to rest easy. Take my time to raise Junior.

Bowsette sat down on her throne and I looked over at her, noticing that she again was analyzing me carefully. Almost like she was checking me out. I looked at my arm and.. I wasn't buff. At all.

Well then.

Bowsette: Hey... (YN).
(YN): Yea?

I looked back at Bowsette who now stood next to me. She kneeled down, holding my hand in hers as she was in front of me and sighed softly, looking me in the eye as she took a deep breath.

Bowsette: I... am the queen of the koopa kingdom. And as such, I have responsiblies.
(YN): as a Queen and a Mom?
Bowsette: Yes. And both are.. difficult to do alone.

I nodded and instantly knew where this was going.

Because this is a Fanfic.

Don't fix the fucking wall. Reread this whole story and tell yourself how many wall breaks there are.

Bowsette: and with Chompette and Booette being what I see as proper material, I ask you. Will you help me in ruling the Koopa kingdom?

Honestly, I was surprised at how forward she was with this. I was about to answer when Booette came into the room with a pouty look

Booette: (YN)!
(YN): Yea?
Booette: Junior and Chompette are cheating! It's 2v1 and I need a partner...? W-What's.. going on?

I wasn't really sure how to respond. No doubt she could take this the wrong way, as she saw Bowsette on her knee in front of me. Bowsette stood up and held my hand in hers, immediently getting a reaction from Booette.

Booette:... Explain what is going on..
Bowsette: I was asking for (YN)'s hand in marriage.

Booette flew closer to us, staring Bowsette in the eye with a soft glare.

Booette: (Y-YN) is mine. Let him go.
Bowsette: Since when was he yours? Since you started following him?
Booette: S-Since he promised himself to me!
Bowsette: Sorry to say, but I doubt you have even considered the fact that I need him more then you do.
Booette: W-What could you ever need him for?
Bowsette: Ruling the kingdom and for raising my daughter
Booette: and since when did you ever need help with those?

The two girls glared at each other with both having my arms at this point mashed between their breasts. Needless to say, I had mixed feelings about this.

 Needless to say, I had mixed feelings about this

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