Chapter Four - Hormonal Tension

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so some of you may be wondering why i decided to edit this story by changing a lot of major points in the story. basically, I am such a better writer now. I have given myself room to grow, room to understand what it's like to write for other people's enjoyment. I hope you guys really like the new version, it will be just as funny, and have mostly the same points as before. I am also trying to incorporate more of the actual book into mine, so it seems more realistic for the plot. Also, a lot of my spellings will be American, because that is where i live now. AND JUST TO ADD, A LOT OF MY WRITING WILL BE ON MY PHONE BECAUSE MY COMPUTER IS BROKEN, SO PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD EXCUSE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. That's basically it for now, but I really do hope you enjoy this!

xoxo doriwritesanything

     Harry moaned as Hermione kissed a sensitive spot right under his ear, and grasped her waist harder as the feeling of adrenaline pumped through his veins. Her body fit so perfectly into his, it was like a majestic puzzle that had finally been solved after years of confusion. Hermione's beautiful clumps of brown hair fell softly over her shoulder, tickling Harry's nose as she sucked his neck. Harry was trapped underneath Hermione's body, her legs on either side of his waist, her clothed pelvis forcefully pressed into his. Hermione giggled as Harry's hand briefly trailed up her robes and then back down to her waist, squeezing gently.

     Her lips reattached to Harry's, and the feeling was exotic. Her intoxicating scent of peanut butter and flowers clouded his judgement, and he just wanted to do everything with her in this very moment. Her sighs in his ear sent shivers down his spine, and each time her velvety tongue slid across his, Harry could not help but moan in uttermost pleasure.

    The room was dimly lit, surrounded in strawberry scented candles. The plush red couch in which Harry and Hermione were on was directly in the middle of the room, which was okay, because it was completely isolated. Neither Harry or Hermione had any idea where they were, but neither of them really cared. The only care in the world at this point was each other.

     Hermione felt Harry's happiness below her and sat up, heavy breathed and red lipped. "We haven't even done anything yet," she smirked as she reached for her buttons and began undoing her Gryffindor robes.


     Harry woke up with a start once again, this time covered and sweat and screaming at the top of his lungs. Unfortunately, all of the boys were in the dormitory, and were each sitting up on their beds, watching Harry's struggle with humor. Harry sat up and immediately started wiping the sweat off of his forehead, but he was only making himself look more nervous, as he frantically searched for his glasses.

     Several minutes later, everyone was still staring intensely at Harry, the smiles all around starting to grow. This angered Harry. "What!" he bellowed.

"Who was it?" Seamus asked, a toothy grin present on his acne filled face.

"Excuse me?" Harry said sternly, pushing his glasses onto his beet red face.

"Oh don't play dumb, Harry. We've all had one," Dean smirked. Just hearing his voice made Harry churn with anger.

"I don't know what your talking about, Dean." Harry spat.

"You know, the dream."

    Harry looked at Ron, who had the same giddy expression on his face.

"What dream?" Harry asked innocently.

"Oh bloody hell, the sex dream." Ron said quickly. "We all heard you moaning all night, but not a painful moan, a sexually aroused moan."

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