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Jack p.o.v

Right when I said that I knew that she was right. It has been 12 years. What if he finds me but hurt the people I love.

I called my mom.

(M: mom) (J: Jack)

M: hey Jack what's up?

J: mom he's out.

M: what?

J: dad he's out it's been 12 years.

M: honey please be careful. Remember when he went to jail he swore he would find you and hurt you and the people you love. And now that your famous he can easily find you your everywhere.

J: thanks mom I love you. Bye.

M: bye.


*Knock knock*

Me and Maddie looked at each other. I looked out the window I saw him. The man that hurt me. The man that will hurt my brothers and Maddie and Brittney. And my mom.

Me: Maddie!

Maddie: yeah?

Me: go upstairs.

Maddie: wh......

Me: go please.

She went upstairs and I knew that if I didn't open that door he'd hurt us even more. I then opened the door.


D: Jack why did it take you so long to open the door? And who where you talking to?

Me: that's non of your business.

D: excuse me?

Me: why are you here?

D: to hurt you.

With that he grabbed me by my shirt and tossed me. My head hit the wall really hard. Thats when I saw Maddie standing with her body behind the wall but her head out.

I just stared at her. What if she gets hurt? What if I lose her? She really means a lot to me.

My dad walked over and looked at what I was looking. He saw Maddie. Maddie ran to her room and locked the door.

D: who is that?

Me: no one.

D: I saw the was you where looking at her.

Me: so?


J: how bout you get out.

D: make me.

I pushed him back and he almost fell because he was basically drunk. That gave me time to run up to Maddie's room. She let me in. I grabbed my phone and called 911 but my dad busted in a grabbed me by my shirt. Maddie saw the phone and picked it up. She called the police.

My dad now had a gun against my neck. Right when I thought he was going to shot me, he shot it at Maddie. It hit her right in her stomach. She fell to the ground. She was breathing very little. I started to get really mad. I hit my dad right in his face making him fall back.

Right when he fell the cops came in. The picked me up so I wouldn't go near Maddie. They picked up Maddie. She wasn't that bad. They fixed her and put a big bandge on her stomach. When they left she looked at me.

Maddie: Jack??

Me: yeah.

Maddie: I....I love you.


I wrong 500 words wow

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