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@louist91: people keep saying crap like mine and Harry's relationship is a PR stunt and is fake and we do not love each other. Well we do and if you want to see it any other way you can but dont keep fucking saying it on fucking social media. Just remember we are fucking people to and we do have emotions it got so fucking bad yesterday that harry was in tears and I dont care if he dont want me to tell you. Can people please just fucking stop with this crap. It is fucking stupid how you can still say it's fake after we told you all. We are still trying to get used to being out and it does NOT help with people saying it's fake just because you have no chance with getting with any of us even if we were fucking straight you would have no chance. It does NOT help Harry's beautiful brain and beautiful head to get around the fact that people know and theres people saying it's fake and people saying we dont love each other. Harry's was to cute for this stuff look at him so so cute and adorable so please just fuck off.

Anyways happy new year hope everyone has a better year next year than this year hop this crap stops ❤

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