one direction

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@onedirection: love being back with the band -M- we love everyone's support for not just the band coming back but for the relationships getting out -H- everyone of you are amazing and we will never leave you again -P- we love every single one of you and always will and your support is going through the roof -T- we love that you can all come on this wonderful amazayn and the fact that you know the truth about the behind the scenes of the band and mine and Lou's relationship -S- x❤

So here's to a new year love everyone and always will be here -P, M, H- and we will always be together I'm a relationship and a band -T, S- (-T, T-) x❤



@larrryyy: HAPPY NEW YEAR who's Shakespeare

@the.daisytomlinson: thanks for photo creds boys love you too louis

@1d4lofe: HAPPY NEW YEAR

@louist91: oh yer photo creds to @the.dasiytomlinson sorry sis I forgot

@larrylarrylarry: HAPPY NEW YEAR

@larrysfake: oh looks at us we're such a happy 'couple' let's mention it in everything... HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE NOT SEE THAT THIS IS A PR STUNT

@lourry: @larrysfake stop saying its fooking fake this is ment to be a happy post how can you people sleep at night after saying this crap its NOT a PR stunt its NOT fake how would you like it if someone told you that your relationship is fake every single day in 2019 this shit better not continue or imma lose my shit Happy New Year anyways boys sorry @harrystyles @louist91 that you have to put up with this

@DirectionOne: amen @lourry

@kevinthedirectioner: you tell them @lourry

@lazza: I'm in love right now @lourry

@louhaz: #NoShitIn2019

@louiss28: #NoShitIn2019

@larrys28: #NoShitIn2019

@liamismybean: #NoShitIn2019

@louist91: @harrystyles and I ARE dating it is not a fucking PR stunt and it does piss us off even if we dont show it and adress it in public and yer we do fucking mention it in posts because we're lucky enough to have love that's something that's hard for you to find @larrysfake #NoShitIn2019

@sasskingofdoncaster: louis SNAPED HAPPY NEW YEAR

@larrysfake: what ever

@larrylarrylarry: he used the #

@larrysreal: pack your shit and leave HAPPY NEW YEAR

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