Chloe’s POV

This is stupid! This is so stupid! I should be home; glued to the couch or my bed, accompanied by food and watching TV. It’s a Saturday for crying out loud! But instead I’m here in school to practice for that stupid pageant. Why would they even choose me? I made it pretty clear that I am not the girly girl type.

Mason had to drag me out of bed this morning, literally, to make me come here. It’s not that I hate pageants; it’s the idea of it that makes me puke. I mean, do we really need to dress up and make ourselves look pretty then be judge for it? I believe that nobody can really define what beauty is because what is beautiful for one person can be the opposite for another. I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The music in the background stopped as I heard Jessica yell. “Stop! You’re doing it all wrong! We’ve been practicing for two weeks and you still can’t get the walk right.”

I groaned and looked at her.

“I told you; walk gracefully, like a gazelle. Carry yourself with poise.” she continued. “Because whatever walk you’re doing, is not going to cut it.”

“No person can walk gracefully in a 6 inch high heels stiletto. Let alone carry herself with poise.” I retorted. “Let’s face the truth, no matter how hard we try; I’m not a gazelle ok? I told you, I don’t do pageants.”

“That’s why we’re practicing. Again.”

“Can’t we take a break for a minute? My feet are killing me. We’ve been going at it for hours now.”

“Hours? It’s been only 15 minutes.” She looked at her watch.

“Well… it felt like hours to me.”

“How can you learn if you’re not willing to try?”

“I am trying!” I frustratingly said. “I’ve been trying for weeks now.”

“How’s it going?” Mason sang as he walked in.

“Your girlfriend’s a freaking penguin!” Jessica exasperatingly said as she throws her hands in the air.

“I left you guys for a few minutes and you turn into a penguin?” He amusingly said.

“Well I’m not a gazelle! I’m an awkward penguin.” I removed the contraption we call high heels and walked barefoot to where he’s standing then took a bite out of the sandwich he’s eating. Yeah, we’re comfortable like that.

 “You are one cute penguin especially when you’re annoyed. You do that twitching thing with your eyebrow.” He smiled.

 “I quit, I’m not going to do this pageant thing.” I took another bite. I’m a stress eater so…

“No! No, no, no, no, no. You can’t quit! You’re the representative of the whole senior year. ”Jessica said.

 “Find someone else.” I shrugged.

“There’s no time, the pageant is… Oh, I don’t know, tonight! The dry-run is in a couple of minutes.”

“What’s the point of me participating? I can’t make the walk you want me to do; I’ll eventually make a fool out of myself and end up embarrassing everyone. So I say, I quit and save everyone from the disaster that’s about to happen.”

“Unbelievable.” Jessica shook her head. “Here’s what I’m going to do… I’ll step out for a few minutes and let you think. You,” She faced Mason. “Talk to your girlfriend.”

She picked up her purse and walked out. I walked to the nearest chair and plopped down there. Ah… the relaxing comforts of a soft, theater chair. Jessica made me come here earlier than everyone else so that we could have more time to practice but look at how that turned out. I never should’ve agreed to do this.

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