Chapter 6.

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Kaleb shrugged and pulled himself onto the top bunk, making it creak and groan under his weight. He fell right to sleep whilst Isaac's head began ticking away and plotting. 

A high pitched beeping stunned Oscar awake, shocking him upwards, casing him to whack his head on the ceiling above. He heard a weight move beneath him and pace across the room. It was Jackson, who had gotten up to turn the alarm off. The red numbers read 6:25 AM, meaning that Oscar had around an hour to get himself ready before Blu came to find him. He started with actually getting himself out of his bed and getting dressed once Jackson had the shower running- he would shower that night.

Oscar pulled out a pair of boxers and got dressed, leaving his blazer on his bunk. Confused, he held the disgustingly stripy tie in his hand and fiddled with it in various locations around his shirt collar in front of the mirror, figuring out how to wear it. 

"If you need help, just ask." Jackson, who had successfully dressed himself, offered from behind Oscar, making him gasp and turn around, possibly giving himself whiplash. Was Jackson... Did he just make a genuine offer? Unfortunately for Oscar, he had a bad habit of being unable to keep his mouth shut when he felt dumb.

"Yeah right, as if I need help from someone with the presumed IQ of a bag of spaghetti." He retorted. Jackson raised his hands as if to say 'you do you' whilst he rolled his eyes and sat down on his bed. After another five minutes of struggling Oscar scowled at Jackson out of the corner of his eye, who had a now relaxed on his bed, holding his phone and a smug expression on his face, as if knowing Oscar had given up. He stormed over to Jackson's bed and threw the tie at his face.

"Just tie the damn thing." he said. Jackson yawned and got up, muttering a few 'if I must' s as he rose. As he got closer, Oscar could feel the heat radiating off of him.
"It helps to move your collar out the way first, dipshit." Jackson said, lifting Oscar's collar gently. He wrapped the tie the around Oscar's neck making it immaculate, then pulled Oscar's collar back down. The beast backed away and admired his work.

"Listen, Newbie. Any wrong bit of uniform, and you're on detention. All responsibility for the new kids' well being is paced on their dorm mates. I only really saved my ass. Don't expect favours from me often. In the mean time, learn to tie a fucking tie." Jackson grabbed his back pack and stormed out the dorm.

Oscar rolled his eyes before turning to his own backpack and shoving all he had in there- a pencil case, a bottle of energy drink and a dictionary. He rechecked his timetable before shoving it back into his blazer pocket: he had French at 9AM and Drama at 10AM. Oscar was a great singer and actor, but hated languages. He could speak one, wasn't that enough for society? His eyes drifted to the digital clock on Jackson's chest of drawers, and it was only 7AM, meaning Oscar had half an hour to kill, so took to playing a bit of guitar and singing along. A knock at the door made Oscar nearly drop his guitar.

He leapt off the bunk bed, not nearly as cautious as before and opened the door to greet Blu, who had arrived around twenty five minutes too early.
"Rise and shine! Come on, get your blazer, get your bag, lets go! Oh by the way, before I even met you, I asked if we could be put in the same learning group as us, so you get to follow Cain and I the whole day." Blu hugged Oscar who quickly put his blazer on and flung his bag on his back. Cain seemed unusually chirpy that morning.

"Hey Cain. You don't seem to be such a grouch today, what's gotten into you?" Oscar laughed. Cain forced the small smile off his face and carried on down the corridor silently.
Blu put his arm around Oscar and excitedly announced: "Because it's the first day, we miss first lesson altogether to attend an all school assembly. I mean, they're not the most exciting thing ever, but it beats French by a million miles!" Oscar nodded, not really paying attention.

Walking their way was Liam, who completely captivated Oscar without realising it. When he noticed Oscar's undying gaze, he nodded a subtle hello and strolled away. Seeing his glasses had steamed up from the intense heat emitted from his face, Oscar wiped them on the edge of his blazer, thus cleaning the and making them clear again. Blu elbowed Oscar and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively in a joking manner. Oscar averted his eyes to everything but Blu. "Oscar, just so you know, I've got no issue if you're into dudes. At all. I mean, I'm a pansexual myself, so no problems here if you need to talk about guys." Blu said with a light smile.

Oscar smiled back and informed Blu of his homosexuality, and to no one's surprise, Blu was completely accepting of it. The group of three eventually came to the canteen where Blu then took the lead to the queue for bagels, so Oscar followed him.                                                                          "Wait... Where's Cain?" Oscar looked around the canteen for the white haired boy. Blu shrugged it off. He grabbed his bagel and found Cain at a table with the other boys, with Oscar following shortly behind. He took a seat next to AJ, who was messily enjoying some sort of chocolate cereal. Oscar finished his bagel in record time, and waited for the boys to finish up so he could see where to go for assembly. Blu scrunched his napkin up and placed it in a nearby bin, and told Oscar and the rest to follow him to assembly, so down the corridors they went until they reached the hall and took their seats.

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