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Chara was so surprised to see Alex's reaction that she didn't even move at first. When she processed the happening, she put the snail off her hands and went into the house.

-Watch out!-

She automatically ducked. A crutch originally aimed at Ryan passed her by. Ryan was running through the hall, and the crutch landed behind him. The second crutch was rammed into the door of the closet in the end of the corridor.

-Nice aim.-

Chara complemented. She looked at the aimer, who was no other than Cameron. He was standing only on his functioning leg, supporting himself with the wall.

-Tell Ryan that if he jumps on me once again, I am going to flush him down the toilet!-

He vented angrily. Chara couldn't hold back from laughing while Cameron managed to jump to the couch again. He waited until Chara stopped laughing and asked:

-What were you talking about with Alex? He doesn't look happy.-

The atmosphere immediately began getting serious. Chara sighed and sat down on the couch beside him.

-He told me that Mettaton offered him to perform in his show with me.-

-It couldn't sadden him that much. He can turn the offer down.-

-Yes, but then when he said that he isn't sure if that's a good idea, since we are known already, I think I said something that offended him.-

-It's impossible to offend my bro. What did you say?-

Chara frowned as she recalled every word of what she said.

-I asked him if he doesn't prefer to be famous for something he can do, rather than for just existing.-

She explained. Cameron bit the tips of his fingers, looking away and sighed loudly.

-I know what spot you touched.-

-What? Did I offend him?-

-No, it's just that... Alex has always dreamed about becoming a famous guitarist, and he preferred for his name to get known as a teenager. But the dream... Well, didn't work out.-

On the last sentence, Cameron dropped his gaze.

-Why not?-

-Well, he asked all of our family members for a guitar since as long as I remember him. It was considered a phase, so of course he didn't get one. He began gathering money for it, but it wasn't enough. He couldn't work, especially after he found himself watching after me in my condition.-

Cameron paused, biting down his lips.

-Some of his money went for the CD he presented me on my birthday. And most of it... Most of it was spent for my operations... Before that...-

He added, his eyes shining painfully. Chara was sitting with round eyes that were locked on Cameron's face. She finally looked in front of herself and pulled her knees up to her chin.

-And elders assure us that only we are blame if our dreams don't come true. Alex is another case.-

She heard Cameron mumble quietly.

-The case of you two is "if we suffer, we suffer together."-

She eventually spoke. Cameron chuckled humorlessly.

-I guess. But when you mentioned being famous for something he can do, it touched him. That's what he wants to be known for.-


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