CH A P T E R 2 8

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C H A P T E R 2 8



The next day, I decided to visit the library again. After my conversation with Kaiden, I figured it wouldn't harm me if I searched it again. 

I didn't notice how empty it was until the sound of a book dropping to the floor violently shook me out of my search. Spinning on my heels, I scan the library, looking for any signs of life. Tentatively, I take a step forwards, on high alert. 

I spot him stood by the window, casually leaning against it. His blonde hair is swept to one side and his grey eyes are focused solely on me. 

"Hello Quinn," he announces in a smooth, silky voice. I stand with my mouth open in shock and my eyes wide. I knew he existed, I knew both of them existed but I never imagined them actually making themselves known when I'm not in danger. "Are you going to greet me back?"

I still stare at him, trying to wrap my head around the fact he's right here. And the fact he just popped out of nowhere. Like he had teleported here.

"I -" I pathetically say. Now that I have the chance to ask him who he is, I can't find my voice. Typical. I desperately want to know why he keeps saving my life and why he keeps appearing in my dreams. Him and then blonde haired woman.

The man chuckles and steps closer. Immediately, I step backward, trying to maintain a distance between us.

"Really? You think I'm a danger to you despite the fact I've saved your life a few times?" He arches a perfect blonde eyebrow, his mystical grey eyes shining in disbelief. I think he feels hurt that I don't trust him.

"Just because you saved me, it doesn't mean you want to hurt me later." I retort, in a weak, timid voice. I'm not going to lie, I'm scared of him. I've seen some of the things he can do and I'm sure he can do a whole lot more. It's probably stupid - what I'm thinking - but that little voice in my head is telling me not to trust him. Not yet.

The man cocks his head to the side, his gaze analyzing me. That feeling of familiarity I've felt before springs to mind again. I know that before I was thrust into this supernatural world that I had never seen him before.

"As pleased as I am to know you don't trust easily, I'm a little hurt you don't trust me. I won't hurt you." He says, almost sadly. The blonde haired man glances around the room, noting all of the books. In my spare time, when I'm not doing my luna duties, I spend my time here. Kaiden doesn't mind at all - he's happy I find a way to release the stress. Reading brings me joy - always has and always will. It was my comfort when I was in my house alone.

Along with reading, I love going for a run in wolf form. Ever since our run, Kaiden and I make it our mission to go running together every evening. With the wind blowing on my fur, the grass brushing against my paws, it feels incredible.

When running as a wolf, I feel untouchable.

"Who are you then?" I ask, driving my thoughts back to reality. "If you want me to trust you, you should probably start with telling me your name and why you keep showing up."

The man's eyebrows raise at my demand and he smirks. "You're feisty," he states.

I roll my eyes, displeased with his obvious diversion. "You're trespassing on this pack, it is my duty to protect everybody here so if you don't tell me something soon, like what happened to Carl, I'm going to Kaiden."

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