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"Say money bring bitches, bitches bring lies."

Mary's POV

Mothafucka! He better count his days . The gun gonna sing soon .

1 week later

The coward really thought I wouldn't find out . The world is gonna love me . The Draco is going to sing . My life is going to be great . He really fucked with the wrong woman .

I came out the gutter . I was created in the trenches. Demons they calling my soul .

He's sound asleep without knowing I know his nasty ass shit . Boy does he have a surprise when I wake him up .

I just called Chris and Trey. I told them what I was bound to do today, tomorrow , or maybe next week . I told them not to worry about me . I told Chris to take care of Royalty good and well . I might not make it back from this one .

I walked over to where Ethan was sleeping. I began to wake him up by kissing his neck . He slowly woke up surprised . He pulled me onto him once he knew what was happening. He began kissing me back . He isn't suspecting nothing. He's loving this . I slowly reached behind my back and carefully pulled out the Draco . I placed it in between his forehead . He froze for a second then laughed .

"Yo ass really thought I wasn't going to find out ! You made me believe my mothafucking man was dead for months ! YOU MADE ME BELIEVE!" I slapped him hard .

He was now on this knees on the floor. Blood was oozing out of his lip. I didn't feel no pity . If I pull the trigger it's not going to satisfy me . I need his ass to rot in a fucking prison cell . Killing him is no fun . I need him to suffer . I need him to suffer the pain I suffered since I met him . I know how to get to him though. I've studied him . I know him .

"You better release him and you can go . Momma Dolan ain't gonna be too happy when she finds out her son is dead ." I smacked him with the gun bruising his eye .

He just laughed as he spit out blood .

"You wanted to see me happy didn't you?" He nodded.

"Then why the fuck did you lie to me and took him AWAY!" I snapped and beat him again

"You are mine don't you get it . I'm basically looking in the mirror when I look at you . You're doing the same thing I'm do-" I beat him again before he could finish.

"Shut the fuck up Dolan! I'm nowhere near like you . You took what's mine ." I growled.

"He took what's mine . YOU'RE MINE !" He shouted.

"He doesn't deserve you ! He's trying to ruin you babygirl. I'm just trying to save you before he kills you ." He was talking all lies .

"He was going to marry me stupid ass ! Why would he want to kill me ." I rolled my eyes .

"Okay don't believe me . Believe him when I catch him saying that ." He chuckled.

"That mothafucka is trying to send you 6 feet under babygirl. He's been plotting this since you came to Vista ." He growled .

"Ethan keep on lying. This gun is going to sing stop saying crazy ass shit ." I snapped again.

"I'll show you babygirl. He never wanted you . He wanted yo money ." He was still talking crazy shit .

"No sir you're just crazy . I know when a person is lying . I knew  you were lying. There was a small part of me that knew you were lying. I wanted an open casket . It was closed on his funeral." Tears of anger began welling up in my eyes .

"You made me believe he was gone ." I began crying.

"You made me live a miserable life for months just because you're selfish." I was ready to pull the trigger.

"You made me lose my mind . You made this side of me come out . I've warned you countless times . But now you've crossed the line and lied to me . You're always the one to put holes in my body . You don't do nothing but integrate more hate into me . My body is filled with hate because of  you ." I was furious.

I shot right beside his head which startled him .

"I told you I'm the wrong bitch to mess with ." I beat him again.

"You better release August before I put a hole in your mothafuckin head. No regrets ." I said to him waiting for him to stop .

"You have me babygirl. You don't need him ." Spit .

"You made me close my eyes every day only to wish that I was home . I wished life was back to the simpler times where I didn't know you . I wished that you were never a part of my life ." He ruined my life for the worst.

"I tried to let you in , but this is what you repay me with. You're nothing but a psycho Dolan . You and your brother are some crazy ass bitches . You've haunted me for the longest me . I haven't lived life better than when I was with him . August is your replacement. August never treated me like you did . Instead he gave me a ring and promised me his life . You never promised me shit , because you didn't even know how to love your ex-wife ." I snapped once more .

"You know I tried , but you were being a whiny bitch most of the time ." He laughed.

I was going to get August back one easy or another.

I walked close to him and held his face with a tight grip .

"You're going to release my  fiancé or the baby that you once hid is going to die along with you tonight." His eyes shot open .

Then The most unexpected thing happened.
He took me down to the floor and took the gun away. He was now pointing it at me . How could he . I wasn't afraid of death and he knew that . It was now time to mess with his mind .

He has lied to me for to long .

Lights out .

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