The protein bars

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Becky and the others were walking as they were near where the protein bars were made. She was standing near Curtis humming an tune to herself. Curtis looking at her softly.

"Sorry.. I always do this to keep myself clam"- Becky said gentle.

"No it's ok. You have an lovely voice" - Curtis said as Becky looking away shy.

"Look at all these beds. Where are the people? They must have left in a hurry." - Tanya said

"No finish eating." - Edgar said eating his protein bar he had in his pocket.

"This is not a window, though? This is still frozen." - Gilliam said as Becky stood next to her looking at the window at the snow.

"I have always wanted to be out there in the snow" - Becky said sighing as Curtis softly looking at Becky when he looked around at Yona.

"Death. Death everywhere. We advance.

" - Gilliam said looking at the door they were in front of leading to the protein room.

"we're not here for that. Okay? Go! Nehru... Nam! Kronol!" - Yona said smirking to Curtis as he was shocked and giving her the Kronol.

"You knew it was empty?" - Curtis said as Yona smirking hard. They softly enter the room and looking around. Becky was looking at Curtis as he went up to an man who worked here.

"Paul? Paul!" - Curtis said to the man

"What is it? It has changed... a second. No spares, I do all of a hand here. I not recognize. No." - Paul said talking to himself walking away from Curtis.

"Paul? This is Curtis!" - Curtis said stopping him.

"Is he alright" - Tanya whispers to Becky

"I don't know.. He looks like he is in an different world like something happened he doesn't want to say or even made to do" - Becky said as she follows paul and Curtis.

"It does not work anymore. I have to do... Manually." - Paul said heading to the machine that makes the bars.

"So it out of here?" - Edgar said confused about what their talking about.

"This is still hot. Look at that." - Paul said showing them the bars as Becky breathing fast covers her mouth.

"Yes, here's the, your food, your

rations." - Paul said sighing.

"They took you for this,

to make this shit?" - Becky said feeling sick about the bars.

"You've been here all alone?

Alone." - Paul said ignoring Becky cleaning his hands.

"We're going to the front, follow us." - Curtis said

"The front! Excellent! But without me." - Paul said

"No you can come and help us.. You don't have to be here doing this. You can get your freedom and be happy. This is your chance" - Becky said putting her hand on Paul shoulder gentle.

"My place is here, okay?" - Paul said stepping back.

"Here? To do that? Why? This is not you" - Becky said coming near him as did Curtis.

"Save it for you. Oh fuck... eats it from the beginning?"- Paul said

"Me too, you know we all have been eating it so don't worry" - Becky said as Curtis picks up an bullet with an red note in it.

"Where'd you get that? It is you who write them?" - Curtis said breathing hard as he went to Paul face.

"This is not me, I..." - Paul said worried as Curtis pins him to the wall.

"Where did it come from? Who gave it to you?" - Curtis said angry as Becky grabs Curtis arm.

"Curtis! Just clam" - Becky said as she opens the tiny red note and it reads "water".

"Someone let me. I glue in the rations I swear I don't know" - Paul said as Curtis lets him go.

"Do you know where the water tank is" - Becky said gently to Curtis giving him to note.

"Yeah but why there" - Curtis said

"I think you know why... The tank we need to head there" - Becky said as they started heading there fast.

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