chapter 24

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again, i do not understand french schools and their system.


February 1

"Hey, Y/N," Alya greeted, as she placed her hand on your shoulder. The both of you continued to walk towards the entrance of the school. "Time flies so fast, isn't it?"

"Yeah," you replied. You were near the door of your homeroom with Ms. Bustier; she was currently your class adviser. "It's already February." The entire class began to flood inside as well. You and Alya took your seats. "Why didn't you walk with Nino today?"

Alya gave you a half-hearted smile. "He's running late today." You nodded in return.

"Good morning, students," Bustier started with a smile on her face. "Happy February! --but you all know that this month is a special month for love! Valentines' Day!"

You slid your fingers on the temples of your head and rubbed it slightly. Ugh, here we go again. You heard the others going 'ooh!' and celebrating. Maybe they have things to plan this 14th of February. 

Bustier laughed along. "Now, students, we are going to celebrate the wonderful day by giving gifts!" Many gasps were heard. "I will provide all of you with a small piece of paper and you need to write your name on it.

"We'll put it in this box and you will pick from it, the name on the piece of paper is the person you're going to give a gift to. Understood?"

Your classmates all nodded their heads, obviously looking forward to the said event.

Ms. Bustier smiled again. She scanned her students' faces before landing on your own eyes. "Y/N," she said. "You will be listing the name of your classmates and who they picked."

You raised your brows carefully, but on the inside, you were actually glad it was you. Doing the task has a huge advantage; you're the only one who knows who picked who.

The whole class went to do what they were told. They ripped a piece of paper and wrote their names in their handwriting. Bustier handed you the box which you put your own name in it and began to circle the room. They also dropped their names on the box until it was done.

You shook it back and forth, up and down. You sat down on the chair positioned at the front. The box was placed on your lap neatly. You took out a pad of intermediate paper and wrote their names. Sabrina went first.

  ((the italic names are the one they picked))  

She was smiling so wide. She showed you the paper. Max

Chloe was next. Kim. She was not happy. You thought to yourself, Okay, this is good. No one has picked Adrien yet.

Alix. Nathan.

Rose. Juleka.

Juleka. Sabrina.

Kim. Chloe. He was ecstatic.

It went on, until Marinette walked forward. She was smiling so brightly as you saw her hand went inside the box. She held a piece of paper and looked at the name. You were kind of getting nervous if she had picked Adrien--

Marinette let out a shriek of happiness and excitingly showed you the name that she picked.


You gasped. You showed her a huge smile, but internally, you were jumping up and down, celebrating because she didn't pick him. 

You sliently let out a sigh of relief. You gratefully wrote the name.

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