Stupid Pondering

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"Blimey Harry," Louis muttered as he sank on the seat beside me taking out his phone as he tapped ceremoniously on the dials. A smirk graced his lips as he continued texting whoever was on the recieving end of his messages.

"Who was the bloke all googly-eyed over you Harold?" Zayn asked as he kept his eyes on the dimly lit street, taking a turn as we neared our flat.

"I dunno," I shrugged looking down rather embarrassed. It wasn't in my nature to give out my name to anyone and this should have been like any other encounter but instead of keeping my mouth shut, I had to turn around and say it.

That man who approached us tonight was stunning, he had everything going for him, from his sleek looking hair to his sexy yet adorable face not to mention the fact that he was incredibly fit as I noticed his strong arms as he moved. I was dying to see how it would look if he flexed it or maybe... how incredible he looked naked?

I heard myself sigh as I sunk in my seat as well, my head resting on the cold glass window as rain started to fall, droplets already rolling down the glass.

It wasn't long until we got home. We ate our late dinner quietly, exhausted from the night's events. As I ate my unappetizing plate of meatloaf, my mind was left to ponder on the man who I desperately wanted to get in bed with as well as maybe hold hands and cuddle with?

I chuckled at the thought which afforded me stares from both Zayn and Louis as they looked up from their half-eaten food, obviously unappetized of it as well. However, they said nothing and instead ate the rest of their meals quitely then after that, left to get some sleep.

I was left on the kitchen table, still playing with the meatloaf, my appetite completely lost as my mind filled with images of the mystery man in the suit with his scrawny blond-haired friend who followed his every move.

I actually wondered if I would meet the man again but judging from what he wore, it was a clear impossibility. After all, I was only a lowly prostitute who is nothing but a night's fuck for anyone who wanted to get off so I didn't get why I would assume that this man was a knight in shining armor when it was obvious he was only confused and was infatuated with my curls maybe?

At that thought, my heart sank, all hopefulness drowned by the practicality of my reflections. I willed my body to stand as I placed the plate of half-eaten meatloaf on the sink and turned to our room. Louis and Zayn were already cuddled up together as I laid myself down on the edge waiting for sleep to consume me which never really did.


It's been a week. I thought as I stared at Niall who was throwing various documents on my table as he continued talking while I stared, nodding at everything he said.

"Liam, did you even hear what I just said?" Niall asked me astonished as he placed the rest of the documents on my desk.

I shrugged looking at the pen in my hand then at Niall who was shaking his head disapprovingly at me.

"Are you still thinking about that slut from the other day?" He asked dryly as he took a seat nearest my desk.

"He isn't a slut," I muttered setting my pen down proceeding to massage my temples as I sighed, knowing all too well where this discussion was going to go.

Ever since I met 'Harry' last week, I couldn't stop talking about him and it made Niall very irritable around me especially when I would ask him to find Harry for me. He often told me Harry was just some slut who wanted my money and of course, I defended Harry since Niall was just being unfair. I accused him of PMS-ing once and he flipped, I had a good laugh about it though.

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