Chapter 4: Magic Training

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Meanwhile in the Underworld

Rias - Hey Issei, can I ask you a favor?

Issei - Sure, what is it?

Issei stood up and faced Rias who was sitting on her desk.

Rias - I want you to train with others for the upcoming rating game with Riser.

Issei - Sure but why?

Rias - I need strong members in order to defeat Riser and to cancel our marriage.

Issei - But why are you not recruiting new strong members? That way, it will be easier for you to have a strong battle power.

Rias - I'm afraid I can't do that.

Issei - I understand. So when do we begin?

Rias - As soon as possible. Akeno, Kiba, Koneko and Asia.

Akeno, Kiba, Koneko and Asia - Yes, President?

Rias - Pack yourselves and we're going to the mountain to train and that includes you Issei.

All 5: Okay, President.

Soon the four of them walked away from the ORC Room.

Rias - I hope we can win this Rating game.

Back to Heaven

Gabriel - You need to concentrate more, Y/n. In order to unleash a blast. Not you ki blast, but an elemental blast.

Y/n - Do I need to chant when I execute a spell?

Gabriel - Some spells needs chant but what I am teaching you is the basics so there's no need for you to chant.

Y/n - Okay.

Y/n put his hand in front of him and fired a small fireball, hitting the target dummy but it only dealt minimal damage.

Y/n - It seems that I did it. Though it needs more power to destroy the dummy.

Gabriel - Your getting good, Y/n. You just need to put more power on your hand and that's pretty much it.

Y/n - Okay, I'll give it a shot.

You then closes your eyes and began to put your magical energy on your right hand and while doing that a small tidal ball appeared from your hand and it gets bigger and bigger at any second.

Gabriel - It's working and you learn a new spell Y/n.

You then opened your eyes and saw a 20 inches tidal ball in diameter and you gasped in shock.

Y/n - Wait, I did this?

Gabriel - Yes, Y/n. Now try to fire that tidal ball to the dummy.

You then fired the tidal ball to the dummy and you knock it down. While watching, Gabriel was happy.

Gabriel - Splendid!

Y/n - Thanks, Gabriel. Though it costs an immense amount of energy from me. You said as you began to fall.

Gabriel - Y/n!

Gabriel then caught you and placed you on her lap and she stroke your hair gently while smiling.

This made Xenovia and Irina a little bit jealous but they shrug it off.

When you woke up, you saw Gabriel looking at you while smiling.

Y/n - Gabriel?

Gabriel - Oh Y/n, your awake. How are you feeling? She said while stroking your hair gently.

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