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Mage's POV

"You're a cheater!" I shouted and Jack's eyes widened.

"It's not my fault I'm faster." He said while shrugging confidently, in response, I just rolled my eyes.

Jack sat on the grass while chuckling.. me doing the same.

"Are you hungry?" I asked Jack.

"A little bit, do you want to eat somewhere?" He asked.

"I brought some foods idiotic-man." I said making him chuckled.

"Thank you my idiotic-woman." He said while kissing my cheek.

"Ew, gross." I said jokingly while wiping my cheeks.

"Gross huh?" He asked threateningly while chuckling.

"I don't like your plan.." I trailed while standing up.

"Run sweetheart." He said then I started running fast.

"You won't catch me!" I shouted.

"I'll catch you and I will kiss you dozen times!" He shouted back.

I laughed and started roaming around the field followed by him. I looked at my shoe laces, unlucky me, they're untied! He's a little far so I decided to tie my shoe laces.

After tying my shoe laces, I stood up and started to ran.. not until two pair of hands caught me.

"Now I got you." He whispered in my ear making me shivered.

"You-you're a-a chea-cheater." I stuttered while facing him.

"Why are you stuttering?" He asked and I shook my head in response.

He looked at my eyes and I did the same thing. His eyes are soft brown, his eyes are beautiful.

"You're eyes are beautiful." We said in unison and I chuckled.

"We're like in a movie." I whispered while chuckling-laughing.

"Way to ruin the intense moment Mage." He said and I chuckled.

"I like you Mage." He stated while looking at my eyes sincerely.

"I like you too Jack." I said while smiling at him sincerely.

He cupped my face while closing the gap and I closed my eyes.. waiting for the kiss.

After a minute or so.. rather than lips.. he kissed my nose, forehead, and cheeks dozen of times.

"I told you I'm gonna kiss you dozen times." He said while winking and I chuckled.

The day went by and we went home. Now, here we are, already preparing for dinner. We're the one whose going to cook dinner.

"What are you kids cooking? Will you let me see it?" Mom asked while entering inside the kitchen.

"No mom. This place is not allowed for you, dad and Nana." I said while shaking my head and she nodded.

"Just make sure that the kitchen won't be a mess, okay? Jack? I trust you more than Mage when it comes to cooking.. even tho this is the first time you'll be cooking. There is no one worse than Mage." Mom said while shaking her head.

"Am I that bad?" I asked while smiling innocently.

"Hmm, I think your father is calling me. I'm going to check on him. Careful with the kitchen!" Mom shouted while walking out.

"But you didn't answer my question mom!" I shouted enough for her to hear but she didn't respond.


Jack's POV

It's time for dinner.. we decided to order pizza and pasta instead. Unfortunately, we didn't make a delicious dinner. Actually, I can cook, it's just my stomach decided to act like a mad woman and I keep coming back to the bathroom.

"Give my pasta a chance!" Mage pleaded making us chuckle.

"Don't worry hun.. Your dad will eat it afterwards." Mage's mom said.

"Nice dad." Mage said while clapping excitedly.

Uncle Harry's eyes widened in surprise while looking at Aunt Mikey's eyes. I wish that if ever Mage and I will end up together, we'll be like her parents.. But a different version of them.

We continued eating dinner. We talked and laughed whole dinner time like usual. It's fun actually, but it's not like a routine, we always share different stories with each other. And, Nana joined us this dinner. I wish my family is like Mage's family. Just casual family sharing things with each other.


Mage's POV

We said our good nights. Yeah, it's early but what can I say? Tired from running around the field with Jack and I also wanted to think about things you know.. Me time.

Many things have changed.. It's a good change change. Thanks to mom and dad.. Especially Jack. Mom and I always talk casually. Dad is always there. This what I can call perfect imperfect family. There are many flaws, but you know.. It's just normal for a normal family. They said that our company is doing fine but I can see something. Maybe they just don't want me to be worried or something. My only case right now is Jack.. He still a little bit mysterious for me tho. I want to meet his family, I want to visit her mom's grave and even tho she doesn't know me, I will still talk to her and I will try to catch her up with her son. I wish I'd met her. She sure must be a great mom, I can see that Jack really love her much. I am over thinking right now. I need to sleep, so I can be energetic tomorrow or something..

I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to my old escape..