29. "Happy Birthday Alpha"

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He chuckled and shook his head, grabbing my palm and walking me toward the door. "I know," He replied cockily and I nudged him in the side at his response.

"I take it back now." I laughed as he pulled open our bedroom door to expose an impatient Jaxon and a very beautiful Kendra.

She was dressed in a rose pink midi dress that was strapless with ruffles at the bottom. The bodycon dress absolutely hugged her curves and accentuated her short frame, making her look taller

"We wanted to check if you were alright," Kendra said sweetly looking at me with worried eyes.

I felt Cyrus tense up from beside me. He looked down at me in confusion.

"Yeah, yeah, I survived without you." I laughed quickly, brushing away the topic of Enzo. I really didn't want to go back there or inform Cyrus.

Kendra cocked her head to the side and paused for a second. I met her with a stern look forcing her to play along.

"The fuck? No, look he didn't mean-" Jaxon interrupted. Kendra quickly grabbed his arm tightly to shut him up.

"The makeup!" She yelled rather too loudly, "the makeup ended up really well! You didn't need my help, after all, Miss Luna." She said playfully and I forced a smile as Cyrus' let go of my palm and crossed his arms over his hot chiselled chest, buried under the black suit he wore.

*Goddess, you're horny,* My wolf laughed and I smiled innocently.

By now, I forced myself to avoid Cyrus' disbelieving eyes whom I could feel like a burning heat.

"We don't want to be late.." I reminded all three of them. I looked over at Jaxon who rolled his eyes and walked away, pulling Kendra with him. She jumped in shock at his sudden movement and hurried behind him like a tail on a dog.

Cyrus' arms found my waist and pulled me into him. He didn't say a word as we walked down the steps and out of the large front doors. In front of us were three perfectly black SUV's parked at the bottom steps. I could tell that one of the cars was occupied as the door was closed and the lights were on. The other two had their back doors open for us.

I looked to my left and watched as Marcus and Kendra entered the last car, leaving behind Cyrus and I in the middle car.

We walked towards the car, whilst carefully trying not to fall from the stones on the ground in these heels. When we finally reached the doors, Cyrus held the door open for me and we entered.

"I just remembered something," I smiled as I put my seat belt on and the driver started the engine.

"And what's that, love," He replied, turning his head, staring at me with daring eyes.

"The last time I was in the back of one of your cars, you were with Sierra and the other time.."

"I had kidnapped you," He said softly lowering his head in what I assumed was shame or regret or both.

I nodded as a response and grabbed his hand and placed it in my lap, "And if any of that didn't happen, we wouldn't be where we are today..as...True Mates," I whispered the last few words so the driver wouldn't hear. He smiled and looked up, lifting my hand and placing it on his lips.

* *

When we finally arrived after what felt like 2 freaking hours, I eagerly pushed Cyrus out the door and stepped out onto the grass. The house..MANSION was spectacular.

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