Chapter 20

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"Babe, I have to piss."

"Go away Taylor, I'm not ready to wake up." I groan at the male voice that's being muffled from the pounding in my head.

The sweaty bed shakes under me. "Babe, please. I really have to piss."

Wait... sweaty bed?

Seth's voice breaks through the fog in my hungover brain and I finally crack my eyes open. I can't help but wince against the bright light. How much did I drink last night? I rub the sleep from my eyes and meet Seth's deep brown ones. He gives me a sweet smirk, his eyes dropping momentarily before jumping back up to my eyes. I look down at my completely bare chest pressed against his equally bare chest.

I gasp. "Seth, what did we do last night?"

He chuckles. "Can we talk about that after I take a piss, I don't know how much longer I can hold it?"


I crawl off of him trying my best not to flash him and slip onto the sheet. I watch Seth slide out of the bed and disappear behind a white door in nothing but a pair of black briefs. Wow, his ass looks pretty amazing in those and he's a lot more muscular than I thought.

While Seth does his business in the bathroom I glance around the unfamiliar room. The walls are a light gray with white trim. The room is pretty spacious, the bed a dark gray king with white bedding, a dark gray desk holding a MacBook with a black rolling chair in front of it, a dark gray bookshelf half filled with books and a big dark gray chair beside it. There's a few picture frames on the book case and desk but I can't make out the faces from here. I glance over and see my phone on the lone dark gray nightstand on the right side of the bed. I pick it up to check the time but the screen remains black. Ugh, dead. One look at the light wood floor shows an array of clothes. My sparkly top is by the night stand, my leather skirt hanging from the floor lamp in the corner, my gold heels below the large window across the room. I couldn't wear a bra with that top so I guess that explains my bare chest and I can feel the lace of my underwear rubbing against my hip.

Oh god, what did I do last night?

Seth emerges from the bathroom with a dirty smirk on his face and the gold cat ears that I was given last night topping his messy blonde head.

Oh no, I did do something.

Seth must notice the look of horror on my face because he starts laughing. "I'm just kidding babe, nothing happened. Believe me, you would remember it if we did anything and you were so drunk I had to carry you to the elevator."

I groan and bury my head into the white sheets that smell just like Seth. I'm never drinking again.

Seth's fingers run through my hair stopping when they get caught on a tangle. I'm sure I look just as bad as I feel. Wild red hair and makeup smudged all over my face, throw in some dark bags under my eyes and I'm, undoubtably, driving the hot mess express right off the tracks.

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