Sixteen: Dreams & Desires

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Chapter Sixteen: Dreams and Desire

The following content to going to be filled with graphic scenes & smut If your not into that just skip xxx (possibly the only sexual thing in this fanfic lmfao )

I was walking into the woods.

This was the same forrest I was dragged away in, but it seems...different.

It's as if it's like a younger version of the forrest.

My barefoot crunched along the brittle path as I walked through the forrest not knowing why I was here.

Was I dreaming ? Am I awake.

I heard a faint scream deep into the forest. It sounded like a cry for help.

The voice belonged to a female, Perhaps a young woman ?

My impetuous thoughts took over as I started to walk faster into the dark forrest . My legs and arms kept scratching onto things and I forced my body to walk. It felt as if I've been walking forever.

The screams became more prominent and louder yet it was so far away.

I feared Zayn would find me and hurt me for running away.

But I had to find this girl,

Who knows what horrors was happening to her.

My legs had given up as my knees hit the ground first. Everywhere ached and pained. My cracked lips were chattering in the cold trying to pick myself up.

As I was picking myself up, I held the trunk on the tree, pulling me up to support my balance.

I wobbled a little as I started to regain my balance. I kept reassuring myself that I would find the girl.

She sounded as if whoever had her in their possession was sure hurting her.

I stopped as I saw movements . I saw dark figures and quickly hid behind the tree trunk. My breathing was hard and loud.

Those things weren't humans.

I heard murmurs in front of the tree as I held my breath.

There was two of them.

What were they ?

Before my mind could even think I heard the soft cry of the girl.

My head slowly looked from behind the tree to see the girl.

She had bright snow white hair that fell down to her waist. Her wavy hair blocked her face as the unknown figures held her tight.

Her pale skin was covered with red marks and cuts, There were wounds that not even normal animals could create.

I gasped quietly.

What have they done to her ?

I watched as the poor girl, who looked like a young adult get dragged through the forest.

She winced as they dropped her on the ground. Their back were facing me.

My chest tightens as I watched the poor woman cry. Her head hung low in shame as her long bony fingers shook in fear as a man showed up.

He was wearing dark clothing and I could barely see his body. The bright moon shone on his face and I looked at the man in horror.

He had jet black gelled hair and he had a large scar through his eye. His green eyes trailed along the fragile girl's small figure and smirked to himself.

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