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you and harry were at the ama's. you were nominated for 'top female artist.' you were excited. after dropping an album and finishing your world tour, you hoped you would win this. harry thought too. he knew that you deserved it. after working so hard. he knew you had to get it. lucy hale walked up on the stage, "hi, there have been a lot of female artists that have worked off their asses this year. and according to me i think they all deserve this award. but unfortunately only one can win this award. so here are the nominees."
the screen named them off, "taylor swift, selena gomez, dua lipa, y/n y/l/n, and anne marie."
"and the winner is-" lucy opened the envelope while harry and you crossed your fingers. "y/n y/l/n!" your hit song started blaring in the speakers. harry and you jolted up from your seats. "oh my god! i won!" harry gave you a sweet kiss, "go get your award baby!" you gave him one more kiss before you went to receive your award. harry stood there clapping his hands together. he kept his eyes on his baby girl seeing her getting something that she deserved.

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