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Before I start, thanks to AwesomelyBad for tagging me to do this. Okay, now the questions.

1. What is my favourite colour?

Blue or Yellow depending on if I feel super Hufflepuff that day.

2. What's my favourite Anime?

Boku No Hero Academia for sure!! Second favourite's a bit more tricky though.

3. BFF (basically)

At this point in my life it's gotta be my mate SpicyNashi10. I know them in the real lifes and they are super cool.

4. Favorite food

Ummm... Mint Chocolate Cake. My own creation.

5. Taken or Single?

Taken *insert blushing emoji*

6. Pregnant?

Hell to the No!!!!! I'm nowhere near old enough to be a mum. Frick No!!

7. Where do you live?

I ain't going into detail 'cause stalkers exist. Not that I think I would be stalked, but just incase.

Anyway, I live in a pretty cold part of New Zealand and I used to live in a hot part of New Zealand.

8. 3 places you would like to travel?

Asia, Merica~~~~!! (North) and New Zealand 'cause I don't know where anything is!!! There's more, but it only gave my three.

9. Age?

I do not feel comfortable handing out my age like library cards for multiple reasons and therefore will only say this. I am old enough to have face book, but differently not old enough to be reading what I do on this application.

10. 5 people, tag them



I don't think I can tag 5 people at the moment, but if you wanna do this go ahead and make sure to comment if you have I love to know more about you.

Once again thanks to AwesomelyBad for tagging me to do this and I'm sorry I did it so late in the game.

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