Waking Up

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When Rebecca woke up the next morning, she had a horrible headache. Sitting up she felt herself spinning and laid back down immediately. "How did I get home?" she said out loud to herself. Sighing she forced herself to sit up again. As she threw her feet over the side of the bed, she noticed there was a bottle of water. "Thank God for Joni," she thought as she reached for it. As she did she noticed a few pills sitting beside the bottle. Throwing them in her mouth she chugged the water until it was gone.

Taking a deep breath, she realized that she felt like she might vomit. She got up and sprinted towards the bathroom. Landing in front of the toilet she took several deep breaths before realizing it was a false alarm. Rebecca stood back up and walked to the sink. Splashing cool water on her face always helped with her hangovers.

When she was finally feeling a little better, she decided that going back to bed was the best thing for her today. Making it back to her bed she sat on the side and finally noticed the note that Vincent had written her. I hope that you feel better. If you need any blanks filled in feel free to call me. Vincent – 555-2548. Rebecca smiled. She could kind of remember what had happened the night before and she knew that the man who brought her home, Vincent apparently, was really cute. She decided that maybe she would send him a quick text before laying back down.

Reaching for her phone she started to type his number in the recipient box. As she typed the last number there was a knock at her door. Sighing she put her phone down and headed down the stairs to answer the door. As soon as the door was unlocked it swung open and Tobin walked past her with Joni following him.

"How are you? Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" Tobin rushes out question after question making Rebecca's head spin.

"T, stop," she shouted holding her hands up. "I'm fine. Just a little hungover," she finished.

"Did he do anything to you?" Tobin asked her again. After getting home he had confirmed his suspicions and realized exactly who Enzo was. He kicked himself for leaving Rebecca with him.

"I'm fine. T, really I. Am. Fine," she said again grabbing a water bottle out of the fridge.

Joni walked over to her with a smile, "yes you look it. Did you get lucky?" she asked wiggling her eyebrows and giggling.

Rebecca rolled her eyes as she took a drink out of her water bottle, "Ha ha," she said after swallowing.

"I told you to wait for us and then when I got back with Ros you were gone with that guy. Then when we went to go find you..." Tobin started in a worried tone.

Rebecca cut him off by holding up her hand, "I'm fine. There was a fight, but I am fine," she walked to the couch and took a seat with a huff. Tobin and Joni followed.

"A fight? With who? You didn't get hurt, did you?" This time it was Joni who was questioning her. Rebecca rolled her eyes again.

"I told you both already, I'm fine," Rebecca grabbed the blanket off the back of her couch and wrapped it around her legs. "I was leaving with the guy I was with, he said that he would have his guys bring you to where we were going. I was about to get in his car and out of nowhere some guy came and stopped him. I don't exactly remember what was said, but the next thing I knew they were throwing punches and then that guy I kissed earlier he came and backed the guy up," Rebecca paused trying to remember what happened after that but only had flashes. The Vincent guy had obviously driven her home, but she didn't remember any of that.

"Then what happened?" Joni said she was on the edge of her seat with excitement.

Rebecca laughed, shaking her head, "the next thing I really remember is waking up in my bed. Alone," she makes a point to interrupt the question she was sure Tobin was about to ask when he opened his mouth. "There was a bottle of water, aspirin and a note from some guy named Vincent," Rebecca finished looking up at her friends.

Tobin's head whipped up hearing the name, Vincent. "What did he look like?" He asked her.

Rebecca shrugged. She just said that she didn't remember anything until she woke up and saw the note what part was he not understanding?

"The more important question is, what did the note say?" Joni said moving closer to Rebecca and looking at her with intensity.

Rebecca held up a finger to signal for her to wait and got up to grab the note. Sitting back down beside Joni she handed the note to her. Joni quickly read the note and a huge smile. "O.M.G. Are you serious? You have to call him!" She practically shouted at Rebecca. Tobin was almost completely sure that this was the Vincent he was thinking about and he was starting to regret taking his friends to that club.

"Don't you think she should call him, T?" Joni turned to look at Tobin who was still in deep thought. He wasn't sure if Vincent would be angry with him or not. He was still confused as to why he had even bothered to take her home. "T, Earth to Tobin," Joni said poking him in the arm when he didn't answer her.

Shaking his head he looked from one girl to the other, he nodded, "Yeah I guess," he said finally with a shrug. "I mean he said to call him if you needed anything filled in," he finally said.

Rebecca nodded her head, "Yeah I guess you're right, but first I need to shower. And to eat," she looks at Joni who starts clapping her hands.

"Yay! Okay, how about we meet at the normal spot in two hours?" Joni says jumping up and heading towards the door. "Wear something cute," she shouts over her shoulder before walking out the door.

Tobin laughs a little and turns to look at Rebecca, "You know you don't have to call this guy if you don't want to," he places a hand on each of her shoulders.

Rebecca nods her head, "I know, but the guy at least deserves a thank you," she says looking up at her best friend who nods in response.

Tobin takes a deep breath. He doesn't want her getting too far in with Vincent. He knows it's not safe, but he doesn't know how much he can say to her without putting her in more danger and his self also. "I'll see you at lunch in a couple of hours," he finally says before he turns to leave. Rebecca calls a quick goodbye before heading upstairs to shower. 

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