Chapter Twelve

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Carlos Hernandez^^^

Carlos was rolling around on the grass in pain. Duncan was still paralyzed from the neck down, but he could hear Daisy talking to someone.

"Um, hello? I'm still down here." Duncan calls out, he hears footsteps walking over to him them a pair of strong arms pull him up. Duncan could see the person that had picked him up was a stranger. He had blonde hair, strangely attractive.

"Who are you?" Duncan asks and the boy points over at Lauren.

"I saved your sister from being murdered, my names Jonathan." The boy says and Duncan slowly began to feel his limbs again.

"Cool. I'm Duncan, thanks for saving my sister." Duncan says and the boy nods.

"Where's Sammy and Ari?" Suddenly Lauren asks, Duncan glanced over to his sister, she looked the same. She was slightly dirtier and maybe even taller.

"They should be in the van." Duncan says and Jonathan pulls him over to the girls.

"They aren't, and Susie and Amber are gone." Daisy says.  Duncan finally started to feel his fingers move, then his legs.

"We'll find them." He says and looks up at Jonathan. "I think I'm okay now. The paralization is going away."

Jonathan doesn't think twice before dropping Duncan to the ground. Duncan groaned. "Thanks for that man." Duncan says sarcastically.

"Didn't Amber say you had a link with Sammy?" Daisy asks and Duncan nods, standing to his feet slowly. "Well, see where we is!"

"It's not that easy Dee. Sam has to want me to know where he is. Like that day he was being tortured by Ari before she became a good guy, he wanted to be found." Duncan says..

"I don't care what he wants, I want to know where he is!" Daisy yells and Duncan grabs her arm, sympathetically.

"We all do. But for all we know they could've just chased Susie and Amber into the woods because they tried to get away. You have to stay calm." Duncan says and Daisy glares at him.

"I think that kanima poison did something to your brain." Daisy says and stomps into the van.

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