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NiallHorny: can't believe it has already been two weeks since you moved out. miss you, harry.

StylishStyles: miss you too, niall. even if i did see you last night for dinner lol.

NiallHorny: hehehe. miss louis too. how is the fucker?

TopTommo: ask him yourself bitch.

NiallHorny: how are you idiot?

TopTommo: i'm great. just got off work and about to get me some ass.

StylishStyles: who said? lol. all he wants is my ass, niall!

Zayniac: that's how he was in the beginning. how does it still surprise you?

TopTommo: oh shut up!! 

LiamPayne: lol. poor harry. stuck with louis with no way to escape.

StylishStyles: but hey, at least i know i'll have a birthday party.

TopTommo: of course you will baby! i will make sure it's the best with lots of alcohol.

Zayniac: you going to let liam and niall help plan or what?

TopTommo: course!! i've sent you all ideas to your separate numbers.

StylishStyles: i hate being left out of something. 😬😬

TopTommo: this is for you so no worries, baby. it's all about you my love.❤

As Louis prepared dinner, Harry sat in the bedroom. He was staring at the small ring box that sat on Louis's dresser. He found himself staring at it a lot and feeling the guilt eat him up every single time. He wanted to tell Louis to hide it but he didn't want Louis to feel bad. He'd rather deal with the guilt than make Louis feel upset. He'd take the pain if it meant Louis was happy all the time. Even if Harry knew there was a part of him inside that was still sad.

He pushed a hand through his hair and fell back on to the bed. A hot shower was supposed to make him feel better but now he sad in his towel trying to get motivation to get dressed. He just felt so sad and he didn't know what to do. He loved living with Louis. There was nothing but laughter and love. But there was a small string of sadness that connected them even if neither one of them would bring it up.

"Dinner is served, honey!" Louis shouted.

Harry smiled and finally managed to push himself up off the bed. He walked out into the kitchen and watched Louis as he sat two glasses on the table.

"Smells good, Louis." 

Louis looked up at him and smiled, "It tastes even better. I say the same about your ass."

Harry laughed, "I hate you. You're so weird."

"Well you're stuck with me so might as well get used to it eventually." 

Harry walked over and kissed him before sitting down at the table. He was starving.

"You okay?" Louis asked, "I don't mind that you're still in just a towel but that's unusual for you."

"I don't feel like getting dressed." Harry told him, "No point in getting dressed when you're just going to take my clothes off here soon."

Louis sat down across from him, "I would argue with that but if there is ever a day when I don't want to take your clothes off I want you to shoot me."

Harry grinned, "I'll keep that in mind though I know I won't ever have to shoot you then." 

TopTommo: GUYS.

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