Chapter 19

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"Goddamn baby what did you eat?" Blue asked holding Ava's hair back as she vomited in the toilet, 8 o clock in the morning.

"I don't know—" she continued to vomit, clutching onto her stomach. "I think I'm sick." Finally catching a hold of her breath, she wiped her mouth.

Blue scrunched up his face at the smell of throw up. "You done?" He frowned.

Ava nodded and he helped her stand up. "My head hurts like shit," she walked over to the sink to brush her teeth.

"This is the second time you woke up on some bullshit," Blue mumbled grabbing his toothbrush as well.

"Nigga I can't control my body. If the body said 'bitch get up and go vomit' that's what I'm gonna do."

Blue laughed and drew a line of toothpaste on his toothbrush, "You ready for graduation today?"

Ava nodded and continued spit toothpaste into the sink, "Hell Yea."

Rinsing her mouth out she gargled mouth wash and spit it out only to rinse her mouth out again. "Are you coming to my graduation?"

"To be honest, I don't know."

"What you mean?" Ava threw her curls up into a sloppy puff, "you and Simon got stuff to do?"

"Yea, but ima try to make it. If I don't, don't be mad."

"It's okay," she smiled.

Blue just looked at her, "glad you understand."

She nodded and walked into the room while he brushed his teeth. "Babe, your phone is ringing and I think it's Simon—" as she walked closer to the phone she noticed the contact BM written across the screen.

"Never mind... it's Jayce," she said.

"Damn, what the hell she want?" He groaned to himself. "See what she want!"

"Say less," Ava picked up his phone and pressed the answer button. "Hello?" She placed the phone against her ear.

Jayce furrowed her eyebrows at the female voice, "who's this?"

"This is Ava, how may I help you?"

"Little girl, give Blue his phone." Jayce rolled her eyes to the back of her head. "We need to talk.. as parents."

Ava slapped her forehead to keep from cussing Jayce out. "Quin, she want you." She walked back to the bathroom to see him washing his face. "She wants you and you needa hurry up and get her," handing him the phone with a attitude she left out.

"Wassup man?" Blue asked putting the phone to his ear.

"So what's this I hear about you and this Ava bitch?" She questioned, "when were you gonna tell me about her?"

"Alright bye." Blue ended the call in her face, "not bouta play with this mothafucka today." He mumbled.

She started calling him again.

"This better be about Mari, cause I will cuss you the fuck out." He answered.

"Don't be hanging up in my face!"

"Don't be questioning about my girl."

"If she's your girl, why she ain't know about yo son?"

"You sound like you wanna get hung up on," he sighed. "I'm not bouta explain myself to you."

"Well I think you needa get yo head out of Ava's ass and come see him."

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