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Six Months Later


"What do you mean you failed?" I shouted into the phone. It was a bad time to get bad news. I let my guard down.

"The targets were harder to lure than the others. We were intercepted by two vampires. They wanted some pass."

"The hell. That town isn't even in the vicinity of Full Moon Pack" It was getting annoying that this bitch had so many influences and it hasn't been six months since she became Alpha. At the ceremony, I expected Dimitri's wolf to deny being made Alpha and go ballistic but I guess you can't trust books these days. I was pissed off he refused my application to be a border wolf but kept my temper in check.

"The border checks are getting more serious. I can't risk any more of my men. I lost five in a month. Those people are fucking ruthless. We need are better way boss." Releasing an angry growl I threw my phone against the wall. I was so close to getting my last million.

'You trusted the past reports too much and his grief. Does he look weak now to you?' my wolf snarled.

He was right.

I was currently in my apartment looking out into the square as Dimitri and his mate strolled hand in hand around the park, greeting members and laughing together. It was fall and I expected him to be fucking grieving. This was the time he and his father loved, they usually travel back to Russia for a few days.

Pacing the length of the living room I became increasingly agitated with no new plan forming. He no longer discusses his plans with us only the male and female Beta. Orders now came from Jakobe while Jessaline stays at his mate's side when he isn't present. I can't get close to him unless I'm required but my services are no longer needed. He has adapted to the outside world now, even has a driver's license.

This is all going downhill too fast.

If Elena's Nomad Policy gets adapted in more packs and supernatural towns then getting new wolves will be trouble. The humans are now protected. I don't know how but it's messing with my business. I sauntered over to my laptop and check the last email. The serum was beginning to get ineffective. They needed more wolf DNA. The ones they have in the labs are becoming domesticated and too mature. Their diet has been mainly raw meat and their enclosure was designed to be a forested area. I need to find a way to keep them primal.

A knock on my door alerted me of an unwanted visitor.

Growling under my breath, I answered the door with my most pleasant expression.

"Pack review is in four hours. All members are expected to attend, "Jakobe simply delivered his message and left. I couldn't care less about it. I needed to know if Dimitri's powers are still present. My father taught me everything about the royals. He was after all the late king's Beta, his word is true and that's my guide.

Whatever I've learned from being Dimitri's guard is the same I've learned from father.

What shall I do next?

With this pack now established with the mixing of breeds, security will be the first priority. 'The world needs to know how powerful we are. They shall bow to us. We are not meant to be in hiding.' Krane was right. Being of Beta blood and having such dominant wolf we hated being held back by rules and protocols. I showed the humans how to make their bodies stronger but little did they know they were creating rogues. Rogues that can easily be manipulated. The few I have in holding was enough to attack a pack but to go up against Dimitri. That was the obstacle.

The killing of the other royals was to weaken him and get rid of the threat but that backfired.

'The girl.' Krane said in revelation. A smirk played on my lips as I listened to his plan.

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