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 Lina's wrists were constricted by powerful handcuffs bound behind her back, while her eyes stared into the darkness of a blindfold. She was surprised by the silence of the hallway, as she expected more sound than the stomping of her feet. As she was lead forward by the guard's bony hands she fumed, replaying the events of the past few hours in her head.

The guard stopped moving which restricted Lina from the walking forward.

"Allow the scanning process to begin," The guard requested.

A continues low hum began, while a faint heat scorched her body.

"Process complete," The guard noted.

Lina heard the familiar sliding of a door and she was lead forward once again into an additional silent room.

"Is anybody here?" Lina asked.

She did not receive an answer, instead, she was marched forward for a brief minute, stopped before a sliding door, and shoved forcefully into the opening. Lina stumbled forward and as the door closed, Lina's blindfold retracted to the back of her head, and her chain's reverted back to the cuffs on her wrist, granting her the autonomy to navigate her new reality.

In her cell, Lina saw a toilet northwest and a shower northeast. The walls were all white, and the room was illuminated by bright rectangular beams overhead. The bed to her left was a single, wide enough to fit her skinny frame. The cell was bigger than anticipated and a warm contrast compared to the stories of that Lina had heard of.

"It is time for bed," A monotone electronic voice informed.

The voice caused to Lina to turn and face a guard within her cell. The robots humanoid figure was painted in white chrome. Its black eyes were bordered by blue light, and a straight black line acted as its mouth while it held an intimidating stun rifle occupied its hands.

"You're going to be with me the whole time?" Lina questioned.

"Shutting down nighttime facilities," the guard replied. Its mouth remained stagnant while it spoke, projecting an eeriness that was unlike the hospitality of the androids in the outside world.

The light above her shut off, capturing Lina in complete darkness, ceasing her investigation of her surroundings.

Lina stumbled into bed and noticed that her pillows were fluffy and the blankets that covered her were warm, surprising her once again with the quality of her environment.

Hours later, she was awoken by the blaring of an alarm, and a flash of white light above her. She arose and found the irritating ringing had originated from the guard who stood in the same position.

"It is time for your shower," The guard informed, stopping its blaring.

Lina rose rid herself of waste but was apprehensive about stepping in the shower, as the singular guard was stagnantly watched her.

"Are you going to look away?" She asked.

"5 minutes have been added to your sentence due to disobedience," The guard said.

"Okay! Jesus!"

Lina stripped and stepped into the shower, discovering it had no controls. The only object inside was the sprout above her head, which sprayed water while she was investigating. Lina searched for soap but found the casket to her right empty so she wet her hair, and ran water down her body with hands until the water suddenly turned off. She used a towel that had just been put on the rack and discovered that her old clothes were gone replaced by a Grey shirt, pants, socks, and shoes.

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