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It's all becoming a reality. In two hours, I will become the first female Alpha of a mix breed pack. The town was large so the gathering of supernaturals at one of the beaches won't be suspicious to the humans. As documented a few human mates will be in attendance, this will be their first experience of this magnitude for them. We chose this night because of the new moon, an ideal night to create the bonds with everyone.

Currently, I was sitting in one of the constructed tents on the outskirts of the gathering. I was nervous. Mikael was with the appointed border wolves securing the town's border with enchantments. He explained to me that when we create the bond as Alphas each spell will strengthen. When we spoke earlier I sensed his uneasiness. I couldn't blame him. We both were walking into the unknown. We don't know what will happen. He was still a Royal now about to become an Alpha alongside his Alpha mate. I know he wanted to tell me something more but he hesitated and left. That had me even more nervous.

Wanting to distract myself I went over the names of all the wolves, vampires and witches who pledged their loyalty to me. In a few minutes, I will have an audience with them then the introduction of their leaders.

"Oh boy," I rubbed my face harshly, my leg bouncing with nerves. "I can do this. I am strong. They believe in me. I. Can. Do. This." I repeated. This will be a huge undertaking. I won't only be responsible for the supernaturals under my pack name but the humans and nomads also. My father was wise to let me know the inner runnings of what he does as a property manager. At first, I thought it was to simply find a home for people seeking but it was a way to pinpoint each kind. He kept track of nomads, let them know the unofficial rules and kept the surrounding Alphas in the know. That will be my job now.

"Hey princess," The voice of my father was a great distraction.

"Hi dad," I returned giving him a real smile.

"Are you ready?"

"If I say yes, I will be lying. I'm nervous. Everything is finally becoming clear to me," I answered pacing the length of the tent. I can hear the faint laughter and chatter of my future pack members. I thought it a good idea to have this get together before the ceremony. I knew that most don't know each other and this will make the bond tighter.

"Don't forget the support you have at your disposal. Don't hesitate to ask for help," he said holding me still by my shoulders. Nodding my head in agreement I allowed myself to relax a bit.

'Mate,' Tara's exclamation had me turning to the entrance in a flash. He stood at the entrance with his gaze directly on me. Dad excused himself but I could hardly place his words. Mikael turned and snapped the flaps closed before approaching me.

With a wave of his hand before his face, my dark king returned to me. His grey eyes were like rain clouds showing so many emotions.

"You are a princess in your own right. Your bloodline is proof of that. You're a strong, smart and so gorgeous. You carry the name of a kind and powerful queen. The matriarch of your family, you may not need me but I will be by your side as your mate. Not a king or alpha. This pack is a recognition of how respected and valued you are. Don't be fearful of what is to come. I will be there for you. Always," he said.

His words comforted and confused the shit out of me at the same time. I was about to ask him what he meant when Jakobe and Jessaline called out to us.

"Be right there!" I returned.

Mikael pulled me into his arms claiming my lips with his, burying his hand in my loose curls. A growl bubbled in my throat pressing my body against his. My hands gripped onto his corded back, the muscles tensed with my touch. The heat his body exuded awakened my already riled arousal. One of his hand was now on my waist. inch by inch it went lower till it cupped my rear. In one push I was grounded against his hardening shaft just as he bit my swollen lips. He ghosted his lips against my cheek still grounding his shaft against my stomach. A moan escaped me begging him for more but he simply chuckled and whispered later.

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